Its October 1st again , we all have a reason to celebrate .


Wow…we av a reason 2 celebrate…4 ova 50yrs we av gone thru waring waters,pains,disgrace,shame,tribal/religious discrimination,bad govt,poor educational system,mane, e.t.c but guess what!..WE SURVIVED..if 4 anything ,let’s celebrate our survival,cos when there’s life,there’s hope;hope 4 a beta Nigeria,hope 4 development,hope 4 peace,hope 4 a beta educational system..coMe let’S join hands 2 mk Nigeria great..i believe in Nigeria nd dat we can make it…come out in mass ,let’s celebrate our SURVIVAL …HapPy InDependEnce!!!—-Joshua Sinizibe Jack’s

But the question is —-are we still Independent or very dependent ?????

Once again GOD BLESS NIGERIA !!!!!!