The GTbank Food & Drink Fair 2017 the much awaited , anticipated event in the food industry in lagos , held yesterday April 30th 2017 and continues May 1st 2017.

GTBank Food and Drink FAIR 2017

It was colourful, with a mix of different flavours and scents.  From mouthwatering barbecue, French fries, various kinds of rice, to delightful pastries.

There was wine, there were cocktails from the flamboyant  mixologists at the different stalls

GTbank Food and Drink Fair 2017, The Good

We love food! So yes food and drink is our any day rocker. There were over 100 food and drink vendors .

GTBank Food and Drink FAIR 2017

The space used was sure a good pick as it was able to accomodate both the vendors and the overflowing attendees.

It was greatly attneded by alot of people, from the kiddies who love candy to the trendy ladies and guys who came out to have fun , to the food lovers who trooped in their thousands and not to forget the elderyly ones.

To our utmost suprise, there were a number of grandmas at the arena.

It was sure an exciting event, lots of hugs , reunions of old time friendships etc.

Another good thing to note is the fact that there was both the indoor as well as the outdoor stalls.

Standby Auxillary services were on point from the Mobile ATM to the Mobile conveniences and also emergency medical services.


GTbank Food and Drink Fair 2017, The Bad

The foot traffic on getting to the venue was crazy, just too crazy especially those with cars.

GTBank Food and Drink FAIR 2017

The crowd was mindblowing with people trooping in every minute. The indoor section was something else entirely with each stall with an overflowing crowd.

Some stall had rude and unprofesional staffs who were not polite though. also some stalls were not quite ready for rthe guests due to the fact that they had materials finished in less than 4 hours. materials such as paper bags, business cards, fliers, and event POS Roll.

GTBank Food and Drink FAIR 2017

The Master class wasnt for everyone , the awaiting crwod to particpate in the master class was overwhelming.

GTbank Food and Drink Fair 2017, The Ugly

The bad, we didnt get any freebies , so all awoof lovers who came to the fair went back with nothing ..hmmm.

GTBank Food and Drink FAIR 2017

Things were quite expensive or just normal market prices. So people who thought they’d get some sort of deal or extra perks where disappointed.

We didnt get the cute GTBank bottled water which we were told was shared earlier even if we got their quite early.

Security checkpoint were not detailed enough though. The crowd control was not organized at all o …

In summary, the GTBank Food and Drink Fair 2017 was a huge success, we anticpate the 3rd Edition.

GTBank Food and Drink FAIR 2017

Did you attend the fair ? Share with us your Good , Bad & Ugly Experience and comments…