Ehn!!!! i knew this would happen .

Wande Coal‘s latest video ‘Go low’ has received a ban from the National Broadcasting Commission, a week and two days after the video was premièred. can you imagine .such a pity.

But the ban only restricts the video from being played on ‘Free-to-air’ TV stations. That means viewers of cable TV stations can still watch the video as the ban doesn’t affect them from playing it.

Rumour and amebors have it that Kenny saint brown was the cause of this ban o . heard there was a twitter fight sha. she called the video indecent .

Well the video is not  proper for young kids o !. but is still doesn’t make sense because most families have cable TV stations at home and their kids have access. so i think the ban doesn’t make any difference. but the  video sha was too …………………”reserve my comments sha”