Hello Readers , its another Friday where we talk about Relationships – issues , tips and advice.

On todays segment is a kinda different topic that really drew my attention during the course of the week …’FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS’,..Oh yes !

Recently i met with a friend (a guy) who told me that he is in a Friends with benefits relationship when i asked of his relationship status. I was quite amazed. So i decided to bring it you today .

Having a friends with benefits relationship from my own perspective is mostly initiated by the guy or lets say Guys prefer this.. The friend of mine who gladly told me that was his status explained to me that he doesn’t have to all emotional about it , no commitment , no stings attached and at least he gets to have one regular partner.

To me its more of friendship rather than relationship.So have you really  had any benefit from this type of friendship ? Share with us your experience.

Well going straight to todays Point –


Do make sure it is mutual

This is a very important thing to note . You really don’t want to end up being hurt when you find out that its all along been a FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS  relationship.

Make sure that you are on same page . it has to be mutual between both parties.

ensure you are sure about what this kind of relationship entails …

Casual sex is potentially draining. So you need to make sure you are okay with having sex that will not lead to any type of relationship.

Do not get emotionally attached

You cannot involve emotions here. No feelings please . As this helps you to be on track. Don’t forget that its a no-strings attached relationship/friendship. In this scenario, you actually have  no right to be jealous.  It’s about sex, so if  you  start feeling jealous please call it quits.

Do not place the partner as a priority

You should not cancel plans to meet up with him/her, because doing that welcomes expectations for the relationship. Only meet up or hook up when convenient for you both . No compromises.

Do note that its just for  the fun

Yes its just for the fun , the please. Its just a now-relationship. So please dont take things personal or serious.

Don’t get clingy

familiarizing yourself with him/her is not an option . You should never do that . It is basically more of a friendship than a relationship per say.  So ladies don’t leave your toothbrush at his place , guys don’t drop your shirt at her place. Save all that for when you are in a relationship.

Do Respect each others privacy.

You cant just barge up on his/ her door , you have to ask or inform the other party before going over. You have no right to ask some certain questions if he /her doesn’t want to reveal.

Do make your options open

The fact that you are in a friends with benefit relationship doesn’t put you out of the dating scene. So you have to still be open to other dates and preferably be on the prowl for a real relationship.

Do make sure you are protected

Since its mostly all about sex , make sure you use a condom. I am sure you dont want to complicate# things by getting pregnant . Its a riskfree , carefree friendship , its not serious

Don’t Make Future Plans

As i earlier stated , its just a relationship for the Now!. You should note that this sort of relationship definitely has an end date. So if any party wants to end this , there should be no hard feelings. Also don’t include him/her in any of your plans for the future .

Its not even advisable for you to be in such relationships fopr a long period of time , because it might hurt at the end.  So when one of you wants it to end , accept it , don’t fight it …Its just part of the cycle .

In conclusion , being in a friends with benefits relationship is actually still weird to me , because at the end of  the day one party would or might not be able to keep up emotionally and otherwise.


So with all these points i have stated , would you still like to be in a FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT type of relationship ? if yes please share with us .