Some people never seem to amaze me o . how can fresh air be for sale but yet its true and its happening in China , one of the most populated countries in the world.

A multimillionaire ,Chen Guangbiao who made his fortune in the recycling business and is a high-profile philanthropist, handed out soda pop-sized cans of air, purportedly from far-flung, pristine regions of China such as Xinjiang in the northwest to Taiwan, the southeast coast.

in his words  “I want to tell mayors, county chiefs and heads of big companies: don’t just chase GDP growth, don’t chase the biggest profits at the expense of our children and grandchildren and at the cost of sacrificing our ecological environment”, Chen said.

“I go outside, walk for about 20 minutes, and my throat hurts and I feel dizzy”, Chen told Reuters in an interview on a busy Beijing sidewalk.

China’s air quality is closely watched as it fluctuates dramatically from day to day but in recent weeks has registered far into the unhealthy zone.

He handed out green and orange cans of “Fresh Air“, with a caricature of himself on them saying, “Chen Guangbiao is a good man”.

But really is this right ????? selling air that was made free from God to mankind ?