Hello EB readers , this week post on fashion is from guest writer who has quality tips and advice for you. I hope you enjoy it. Dont forget to drop your comments and ask questions if you have.

Life for me is a journey of discovery. When it comes to style, I regard it as a sum total of our personality.

“If you’ve got a mind, then you’ve got a style.” Eromz. O

My previous post how would I describe my style, helps us find the path in the journey of creating your style. My personal style is simple; I control what affects my style which means I am not blindly following trends but instead I follow what inspires me and suits my personality.

Today’s post is meant for individuals who are longing to belong in other words those who strive to look like celebrities because you don’t have to anymore and most importantly for those interested in personal style.

This is the season of personal style “do your thing”; “there are no rules”. Permit me to share some points below; that I feel will help us achieve that great style.

Elegance (Photo credit: gwenboul)
  • Figure out what inspires you, for example art, fabrics, culture etc.
  • Make a list of clothing items in your wardrobe that make you feel good about yourself.
  • Combine trends from the past, present and future. This helps to show your innovative and creative skills.
  • Buy items that suits you (i.e. size and shape) and what you are comfortable wearing not what seems to be in trend.
  • Choose the right accessories that give you confidence and a smile for e.g. shoes, bags, bracelets, sunglasses etc.
  • Style is not perfect, leave room for errors lol.

I hope these few points help most of us and if you have any additions please add your comments. Let me also point out that a Great Style isn’t achieved overnight; it’s a journey that discovers the real YOU.

Below are style tips from GURUS.

  • Ralph Lauren: “Breaking rules is what makes clothes interesting. I love mixing fabrics and shapes in unexpected ways – classic with modern, rugged with elegant.”
  • Giorgio Armani: “Elegance is the result of a natural equilibrium between simplicity, looking after oneself and intelligence. All this generates the attitude we call elegance. It is a quality which, contrary to popular belief, does not require deep pockets.”

Please share your views about the post and how you combine trends from the past, present and future. Ask me questions too J

Thanks for reading and cheers. Eromz
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