In your 20’s there was a lot of time to experiment with trends, bought clothes you never wore and still haven’t worn . You’ve invested in a black blazer for important job interviews, a chic LBD for date night and a great white T-shirt for lounging around on the weekend.

Fashion For The 30 Something 11 Wardrobe Must-havesHey welcome to your 30’s , you’ve made it past your trying twenties.this is the time in your life where your wardrobe has a compulsory makeover.

You are now very mature and would probably want a more versatile wardrobe that’s better suited to your grown-up lifestyle.

You spent your 20s building an inventory of the basics, and now it’s time to step up your game.

Getting to the Big 30 will bring about many milestones, and between all the personal and professional events — promotions, weddings, black-tie parties, etc .Its essential to have the necessary outfits.

Now that you’re in your thirties, it’s time to pull your closet together and fill in those gaps in your wardrobe.

At this point,  everything about your worldview becomes a bit more mature, and this means your style evolves along with it.

So to my lovely ladies who have met the big 3 0 , Behold, are the 11 items that should be in every 30-year-old’s closet:

Fashion Essentials Every 30-Something Should Own

1. The Perfect Pencil Skirt

Perfect-Pencil-SkirtYou’re stepping up your game at the office and at home, and a pencil skirt does the same.

It adds just enough interest to elevate a white blouse, but it’s still totally classic, so you’ll have it for seasons to come.

2.Tailored Trousers

Its time to ditch the  skinny black pants, and  step up with a pair of tailored trousers.

The key is finding the most flattering silhouette for your body — a long lean leg-line flatters practically everyone, but you may want a slimmer fit or a wider leg depending on your figure.

And, by all means, get thee to a tailor if necessary

3. Shift Dress

A shift dress that can easily go from the boardroom to a dinner with the in-laws and even to a hangout or surprise party. At this point in your life, it’s all about versatility.

4. Solid Suit

suit that can be worn as separate pieces is quite neccessary.

5. Flare Jeans

If you’ve not still updated this piece in your closet, you’re really missing out because flare jeans are just everywhere right now.

6.Full Skirt

If there’s any thing that flatters women’s shape with its classic hourglass silhouette, it has to be full skirt.

Give your closet the trend of the moment and pair it with a pretty top and a classic heels for sophisticated look.

7.Slit Skirt

When we talk about slit skirt, im not talking about the  Kendall Jenner or Jennifer Lopez type o. I mean , the type you can wear out and about on weekends that can keep eyes rolling.

8.Caped Outerwear

In your 20’s you might not have had the courage to take up and pull off this bold look . But hey your 30 now so embrace the ultra-distinguished feel of caped outerwear to complete everything from skinny jeans and a tee to that sheath you wear religiously to work.

In every case, you’ll look like the seasoned fashion pro that you’ve become in your 30s.

9. Denim Pencil Skirt
Say good bye to the short denim skirts , as they had their time to trend,  the time for a a sleek denim pencil skirt is here

10 . Cocktail Dress
The only woman alive who can (and has) worn body-con dresses past the age of 30 is Kim Kardashian.The cocktail dress is very stylish especially the ones with the low back and high hem.

11. Suede Pumps
What can we do without a pump ? but say goodbye to your patent leather, platform pumps. You should get a pair of classic pointy-toed black pumps instead. Instead, try: a sleek pair of pointy suede pumps.

So i hope my 11 points are on point ? if you do not agree kindly comment below . If you are 30 and you have more to contribute , of course kindly comment below ….