laser-cutting-vanessa-williams-invitation Weddings are a lot more than the dresses, events and preparations. The first step to successful wedding begins from the Invitations as it sets the tone for the entire wedding. Some might not really fancy all that but trust me , Its worth it .

Sure you remember Vanessa Williams ? singer, actress and former fashion model and popularly knows as the  actress from Ugly Betty & Desperate Housewives.


Vanessa’s wedding with her boyfriend Jim Skrip was held recently on the 4th July 2015 and you should have seen her Wedding Invitation , It was magnificent.

The wedding invitation was an extravagant 14-carat-gold-plated wedding invitation designed by the amazing UK based adorn invitations.

We’ve been given an exclusive look by Adorn invitation to see the craftsmanship that went into making Vanessa one-of-a-kind wedding invitations.


Adorn Invitations created a completely unique tailored beautiful piece of art that depicting the modern day love story and wedding celebration of Vanessa Williams and James Skrip.


Invitations tend to usually tell an unspoken story about the wedding which is usually not taken for granted by the brides.

The Egyptian theme was chosen as the love birds first met while holidaying back in 2012.

The color theme was Marsala (which is the color of 2015) mixed with Gold , as gold foil was used for the lettering which complimented the decor of the wedding.

A touch of regal luxury was added and the lase cut pattern was based around the golden leather details from one of her wedding gowns.









Vanessa Williams and Jim worked with the team to design the elegant Egyptian themed invitation that perfectly set the wedding theme giving them neccessary support.

To complete this covering, Vanessa and Jim’s initials are carved into the centrefold of this pocket.









The invitaion was Enclosed in a golden laser cut gate which when opened revelaed the wedding details stamped with gold foil on the marsala paper. Such a magnificent design!


The custom crafted gold lining of Vanessa and Jim’s invitations, pressed with a wax stamp, was the perfect way to present a love such as theirs. Finally, we needed a symbol. Something that would represent this couples journey.


A full stationery set was designed which included main wedding invitation , RSVP card, accommodation and security cards , enevelopes custom made for both the RSVP and invitation cards.

As an elegant finish, the invitations all included a 14-carat gold plated lotus leaf, to match Vanessa’s engagement ring.


After an amazing 3-month journey of design and production work, we were finished and the result was truly amazing.


The couple Vanessa and Jim were sure impressed and pleased with the outcome of their wedding invitation and staitioney set.

Adorn invitation did an extraordinary work creating such a beautiful piece as time and effort invested in creating the design was not in vain .

Exclusive insight on creation of Vanessa Williams’s wedding invitations by Adorn Invitations.


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Could you imagine getting an invitation that looked like a piece of vintage art work?

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Photo|Video Credit: Adorn UK