Finally , i got to meet the Singer ,dancer and Songwriter. Most people call him the Nigerian Usher. He is the guy with the energetic and creative dance steps which are a marvel to watch during his performances at shows. In this interview with EVATESE blog, the tall,hunky dude talks about his life, music and experiences.

He came into the limelight with his track “Dangerous” in 2009 and won Best special effect editing and nominated for best choreography and best pop video in the Sound City Music Awards. In 2010 he won Best use of Choerogarphy and best  use of effects and nominated for video of the year with his amazing single “Pop Off Selecta” in the Nigerian Music Video Awards.

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Introduce Yourself.

My name is Dipp, Halfman Halfamayzing. i am a pop/RnB singer and dancer

So how did you derive the name Dipp?

Dipp is the short-form of my native name ‘Oladipupo’. My  yoruba name is very long

How would you describe your Growing up? Educational background?

Growing up for me was fun and insightful and full of adventure . i was privileged to have a good education and i have 4 other brothers and no sister. I studied building in Ahmadu Bello University, zaria

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Why music ?

Well its solely driven by passion. Its more of entertainment as a whole. Its a passion really, what I love doing!

Who do you consider your role-models, mentors or hero se per se?

My Dad is one, MJ, Boyz2Men, Tevin Campbell, etc

What inspires your outfits? And ur Most comfortable attire?

How i feel, and im most comfortable in T-shirts and Jeans

Do you have any style icon?

David Beckam Perhaps

Do you have any favorite designer? Any favorite perfume?

hmmm, designers sounds more like it, i love a lot of them. with regards to perfumes, the same goes: CK Euphoria, Davidorff, tons

What is your philosophy on dressing? What dictates your fashion sense?

Don’t really have One. How i feel and the occasion

What has been your Major challenge and how you managed or still manage it?

There are too many to list: acceptance, heartbreak, being broke, Spiritual growth, etc: But God managed everything for me.
We thank God. How did the hustle into the entertainment industry begin?

Way back in University,Since my 100 level till now i’ve been involved in entertainment. long journey yeah?
DIPP AND EVA AT ABUJA TOURDid you have previous dreams? If so what were they?

yes i do, Directing, Acting, etc

How was the response or reaction of your parents and loved ones to the choice of your career?

At first they were worried but later understood. You know no Parent wants their children to suffer so i ensured i finished my education.

That is great o. i can say you are lucky to have such understanding parents. Tell me, how does it feel being a celebrity?

It has its pros and cons, no privacy, can’t go out and buy boli n ekpa, can’t be urself all the time. But the response of fans to my music and videos is satisfying and rewarding because I put in hardwork.

Lol. Favorite food?

pounded yam, egusi soup and goatmeat, well prepared indomie for the run, love junk food too
Relationship status? complicated
What does it take to be you ?

everyone is uniquely designed, so noone can be me, and i cant be anyone.
What is a typical day in your life like?

pray, work, pray, work and sleep. Sleep,pray,wake, work-out,hygiene rituals, food, studio, interviews, meetings, food, dance, hang-out, pray, sleep

Describe yourself in 3 words?


an amazing guy

What was the motivation and push into your present career?

life, experience, passion and determination
Who and what are your inspirations or inspire you? life.
How do you manage your female/male fans?

i treat them with respect. the only way i know how

You recently had a tour in Abuja , how was the response ??

It was moderate and ecstatic in some other places, i am going back cos the demand is high.
Is there any upcoming project or anything new your fans should expect soon or in the nearest future?

yeah, balance for me video in the works(cant wait) , the video and remix of the hit single “Balance for me” will drop. Can’t wait. Some other singles and videos, phew! Lotta plans!
What label are you signed onto?

independent, always kinda been
Inspiration behind your songs?

experiences, stories, country drama, girls etc

Who and what do you think is a competition to you in your industry?

myself, i always need to grow and i can only be the best i can be, so? i need to push the tempo.
Define your brand?

unique, creative and international.


How often do you work with upcoming acts?

as long as there is talent and commitment, i’m game.
How do you maintain your voice? vocal lessons, working with pros, etc
Has your relationship with your fans and family changed since you came into the hotspot? – definetly, for the good i hope – but time spent with everyone can be less
Shout outs!!

thanks to GOD, family, my fans, people behind me, my team and well-wishers, God bless u all.
Favorite quotes

 i’m not where i want to be, but i’m not where i was! rerach for the heavens, and if u fall, u fall amongst the stars, the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. (be wise)

TV, hanging with fans and friends,

Happiest moments? – too many.

Tips for upcoming acts

1. identify u have d talent honestly, 2. work with your colleagues closely, 3. Pray and work hard.
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