Hello , EB readers, today exclusive interview brings to you the tiny parts nd little details of RIC formerly known as Ricoslim that you dont know.Some of you might know him. some heard his songs while some don’t even know he exists.

R.I.C is one act who always brings quality, clarity, clean clear vocals, neat mixing and mature production. 

Hello , please introduce yourself

My name is Ric Hassani, aka R.I.C, im an artist. Love good food!….lol. luv listening to music, watching movies, gisting, and hanging out with my family……lol.

Describe yourself in three words ,where did u grow up

In three words….hmmmm….. very very awesome!…lmao!. thatz 3 words yeah?..lol………… Oh yeah!, i grew up in rivers stae, Port Harcourt….In a very academic setting….lol, asin..VERY.

What motivated you most into your career

erm, its just my luv for music really, dats my drive, i just really love music, and making music too, because most times, i feel like i could be mis understood alot, so music is the only time where i could comfortably express myself, and people understand me on their own terms….lol, and they get to enjoy good music as well!….lol.

Tell us something bout you that  is new, anyupcoming project ?

Just released my single called HELLO. Working on alot more music and media moves for the remainder of the year.

Who and what inspires you ?
My dad, and Will Smith…..lol, and then, i am really inspired by movies, and music, any kind of music.

So what   is  your philosophy on dressing ?      what dictates your fashion sense ?

……errrr……i think i love fitted clothes, and neat clean cuts, dont really like anything hanging from anywhere or any wierd stuff like that…lol, just like clean mature rightly fitted clothes…well, yeah.

OK, considering your undying love for music, Tell us bout ur academic background ,how did ur family and friends take ur change considering you studied something else in school ?

err, well, my father is a professor….so yeah…lol….dat pretty much explains it all…lol. My family takes education very seriously. I remember sitting in my room, preparing to head out for a show, and my dad comes in with some documents for me to sign…….lol, few weeks later, im in England studying for a masters degree….lol. And yeah…..erm, i always did rather well in school, so my family where not so hard on me. As for my friends, I always wrote and sang songs in school between classes, lol, so for them, it would even be wierd if i wasnt doing music eventually.

*Smiles* thats good for you , so did you face any challenges or what are the challenges you face in your music career ?

oh erm, well, as for challenges, erm, i think its just the smae as every new act trying to get noticed in the mainstream. Its hard when you dont have a major massive budget or body or team of wealthy bad guyz behind you……..you know??…so yeah. Thatz not really much a challenge anyway coz i think everyone goes through that at the beginning, but its great, coz when you finally get there, it all adds to the story and the journey….u know?….lol

Well i hope by this exclusive interview you would get noticed o!!!. who are your rolemodels , heroes and mentors?

My dad, my dad, and my dad….lol, and then will smith is my absolute hero mehn!, datz my G!…lol.

You know how our Nigerian girls and girls in general take it personal toward “fine acts “like you , so how do u manage your female fans ?
We go well just fine….lol. i luv them loads…lol…and likewise…lol.

Wow i love that , so then are you still single and searching or taken away already *giggles*

I  am  single

Any word out for upcoming and new artist in nigeria and also ur fans

focus on your craft, learn your craft, work on the music first before everythings else. and decide if your gonna treat music as you hobby, or your job, and yeah, the rest would be up to you, because whatever you strongly believe in, you can definatley achieve. yup!. thatz how i see it

Well i guess this is it for our interview today Ric, thanks for gracing this. So EB readers if you have any comments or questions for him please don’t be shy to drop them in the comments section below and definitely he would sure answer them.

Thanks for reading this interview!!!!!!





  1. Awww…. the music is rily nice. Back then in school, I thot he wld abandon gospel music and later end up becoming a secular artiste. Thank God he stuck to his brand. I’m so happy for him. He is indeed “very very awesome” like he said.
    Keep it up RIC!!! 🙂