Hello EB fans and loyal readers. in this series of exclusive interviews i would gladly and humbly introduce you to a celebrity ,comedian , musician  EMMA OH MA GOD.For those who don’t know him and for those who have heard his name one time or the other this is a chance and an opportunity to do so.

Hello please introduce yourself

My name is Emmanuel Edunjobi popularly known as “EmmaOhMaGod”. I’m a musician/music artiste, comedian/MC and a producer.

Why the name  “EmmaOhMaGod” ?

I like saying “oh my God” and i say it a lot especially when i go on stage .. and people like it when i say it .So i decided to add it to my name  by funkifying  the “my” to “ma”. hence the name EmmaohmaGod and I  have also patented the name so it is exclusive to me.

That is interesting Nice meeting you Emma. so tell us about your childhood ?

I am the last child from a family of six children and I’m from Ogun state.

Describe yourself in 3 words..

Describing my self in three words..hmm.. I’m the NEXT BEST THING 🙂 .

Wow !!!!!. That is unique. so you are really into the entertainment industry. what motivated you into your present career. What was or is the driving force still keeping you.give us the gist.

What motivated me into my career? … I’ve always loved good music since I was a child. I started by learning how to play the recorder which we made out of pipe and wood then..lol (good old memories), I learnt how to play it by myself. Then my mom bought me the harmonica which I also mastered by myself…then I learnt how to play the drum set in church, piano and guitar..all by myself. Also I listened to several genres of music..especially accapella and jazz..  and I guess that’s where I developed some of my composition skills, producer instincts and also my unique skills of harmonization. So that’s more or less my musical background and it greatly influenced my career choice as a musician (production came in handy).
Then I have never liked my environment being dull so i have always tried my best to keep it lively and that has majorly led to my being funny. But my prospects and potentials as a stand up comedian majorly came to limelight when I got to Covenant university where I was the major stand up comedian throughout my 5years of study in the school. I had a high level of appreciation and recognition as regards that and I succeeded in making a lot of people happy. The quest to keep putting smiles on people’s faces has kept growing in me since then even till date. So I’m also a stand up comedian 🙂 

        Yea sure you really made lot of people happy. well its Good to know i was such a huge fan but i still am tho!

      So is there anything new about Emma? any upcoming project

What’s new about me? .. I’m presently working on my forth coming album (my proper announcement and introduction into the entertainment world as it were). All I can say for now is “Watch Out!!!” *in igbo movie advert guy’s voice*..lol… But its gonna be a nice one.

Well I cant wait o!

What or who is your inspiration ?

My major inspiration is God..because he has deposited a huge amount on creativity in me and he inspires me and gives me new ideas incessantly. I also have a lot of role models..especially those who have crossed similar paths to the one I’m crossing.

 What’s your philosophy on dressing ? what dictates your fashion sense?

Hmm..do I rly have anything that dictates my fashion sense? I just really like looking good and my definition of looking good is wearing what I’m comfortable and absolutely confident in. Yup! Darisit!! 🙂

Considering the fact that you changed your line of speciality which is different from that you did in school .how did your parents and friends take it ?

I studied Electrical and electronics engineering in C.U. That was because I didnt get a visa to go study Sound engineering and music technology in London (rme @ dat bald headed guy that conducted my visa interview then..mtchew! Lol). Anyways my mom was really supportive with my music and my entertainment runs (she even bought most of my first set of instruments for me…even my guitar). She just really made me understand that I should make sure I successfully complete my education. That woman played a  major role in my life… I sooo miss her! May her soul rest in peace. #sigh

What are the challenges you face in your career ?

The major challenges I face are based on the fact that I’m not signed under any label yet. So I’m the one pushing and promoting myself and that’s really not easy and its quite expense too. But I’m sure its all in good time 🙂

Any role models/heroes/mentors?

I have lots of role models… Lagbaja(I love his creativity..especially the fact that hez in a world of his own with his music..he made me confident about exploring my creativity..), TUFACE(I love his “soulfullness”! Its so accentuated in his singin!! Hez just too much).. Others are kirk franklyn, Agboola shadare, rkelly..etc.. Then in comedy… Holy mallam!, Julius agwu, Alibaba, Basketmouth. One of my major mentors also is Jackie Chan! Lol.. I love the way he made his videos.. I also love the fact that he is not scared of takin risks (that is so obvious in his productions)


With your good looks and humorous personality which you know ladies love,  how do you cope with female fans?

Ermm I’ll say I’ve been havin female fans even since I was a small boy from the days of playin piano in church, singin in accapella groups to university days when I was the “school star” as it were. So as I grew I’ve learnt how to handle them better over time. So its really not a problem at all.

Gist us about your growing up/ childhood  ?

Hmm..growing up… I was quite pampered as I was the last born. Then I was very good academically back in primary and secondary schhol..I used to come first in class all the time..always getting prizes and plenty attention from everyone…it really felt good. Also my talents made me stand out amidst my peers and I was kind of a celebrity in my own small world. There were downtimes too especially because my mom brought all of us her six children up single handedly and believe me that wasn’t an easy task at all. So she went through a lot to give us d best. She really suffered for us.. Most of my downtimes while growing up came from seeing my mother cry. It wasn’t easy for her at all but she did a very great job on all of us.

We all know its hard these  days for a guy to be single so what is your status relationship wise ?

Relationship status–> In Love!!! Lol.. I have a girlfriend and we both love eachother… I guess that’s enough info on that

What advice do you have for upcoming music artistes and comedians ?

For upcoming music artistes and comedians in Nigeria..my advice is make sure you are very passionate about what you want to do and make sure you are very good at it too. Your passion and talent will make way for you. Need I say you need to put God first?

I have dropped four singles already from my forth coming album. They are listed below..

“Love Wantiti”–» http://bit.ly/HdmZzl.
“Iyawo mi” –»http://bit.ly/J9A53Y

“Love You like I d ft Simi”-»http://bit.ly/N0veUh

“Glad u telemi ft N6”-»http://bit.ly/RxNyVE

Also I did some funny songs and the response from people has been awesome!
For example during that time of subsidy wahala I did the “Wa gba Petrol” song in which I featured DO2dTUN of coolfm and steffany coker(mtv base)… The song was number one on gidilounge for weeks.. That felt soo good! Especially as I just did it for fun.
Wa gba petrol–> http://bit.ly/RdyNWN

I did a song for unilag too..or shld I say MAU..lol.. N I featured lots of stars including Alibaba..dat one is a real crackerr 🙂
MAU –> http://bit.ly/SjRR7l

I have some of my performances (both music n comedy) on youtube..just search for EmmaOhMaGod n u’ll see them.

Somborry say #OhMaGod! 😀


  1. Famzing … i really like Emma, he was in my school CU n i had the opportunity to be there when his career started blossoming. Okbye