Galatasary of Turkey and Elephant of defender, Emmanuel Eboue, who had boasted that his country will eat the Super Eagles of Nigeria like ‘super fried chicken’ when they meet on Sunday in one of the quarter final matches in the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations holding in South Africa, has apologised for his comments.

Eboue, who through his twitter handle @TheRealEboue, congratulated Nigeria shortly after his country was humiliating in a 2- 1 defeat by the Super Eagles of Nigeria congratulated and wished Nigeria good luck.

Cote d’ Ivoire was sacked from the Nations Cup on Sunday by the Super Eagles of Nigeria who put up a superlative performance to shock all their critics who have written them off.

Eboue’s tweets read thus: King Emmanuel Eboue ‏@TheRealEbouee; “I apologies to all Nigerians that might find my tweets offensive or sensitive. It’s meant to be jokes and funny. I am sorry. #moveOn. … Peace and love to Africa. I hope Nigeria wins the #NationsCup .Amen”

However, there have been controversies surrounding the King Emmanuel Eboue @TheRealEbouee tweeter account, a situation that has seen many people arguing that the ‘Eboue we know’ may have been impersonated.

Our investigations revealed that there are four tweeter handles that bear Emmanuel Eboue with his different pictures. However, our efforts to ascertain the ‘real Eboue’ have not yielded much results as the ‘Eboue we know’ has not come out to accept or deny responsibilities of the above tweets.

Below are four different tweeter accounts of Emmanuel Eboue:

1. King Emmanuel Eboue @TheRealEboue
Profile Summary: I am an Ivory Coast International and play for Galatasaray after a long career in Arsenal . I passionately Love football. I am a parody & not eboue. Stats: 153,111 followers, 3,311 tweets and 166 following. Tweeted last on February 3, 2013

2.Emmanuel Eboue (NOT) @Eboue_27
Profile summary: Multifunctional Profesional Footballer for the mighty Galatasary FC. Turkish Champions. Creator of the world famous #FenerWHO (Official Parody) @Eboue_27 follows you ·
1,558 tweets, 48 following, 63,089 followers. tweeted last on 28 January, 2012

3. Emmanuel Eboue @Official_Eboue
No profile summary. 4 tweets, 49 following, 4,600 followers. Tweeted last 09 September, 2009

4. Emmanuel Eboué @27Ee
No profile summary. 33 tweets, 13 following, 13,138 followers. Tweeted last on 27 December, 2012.