Nouva Couture wows all as they showcase the  Middle East Lagos collection  that embodies the art, culture and lifestyle of the Middle East.
Middle East Lagos is a compilation that has been put together for the modest and conservative Nouva woman, who exhibits pure class, sophistication, and finesse in her world of fashion.
This collection was designed and created by Yemisi & Bolaji Ayinde. The vision and inspiration behind Middle East Lagos (MEL) are bringing the middle eastern lifestyle, art, and fashion to Lagos.

Each dress in the collection is named after reputable middle eastern women including the former 1st lady of Nigeria late Mrs. Maryam Babangida who was known to be a very stylish, classy and conservative woman.
MEL is a collection designed with the highest quality of pure Indian silk sourced from the greater part of South Asia.
Bound in luxury, our silk fabric accented with natural freshwater pearls extracted from pearl oysters and freshwater mussels with rare iridescence.
A healthy touch of man-made Swarovski crystals, imported from Austria, enables us to mix glamour with sophistication.
And finally generously embroidered Swiss lace was used to create patterns and add character to each uniquely designed garment in the MEL collection.
See all photos from the collection below
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