Dreadlocks is not just a hairstyle but i see it as a way of life.  Dreads as some people call it is a slow proccess of growth that would take patience and consistency.This hairstyle is popular mostly among Men.

The mentality of 70% of people link individuals that wear dreadlocks to unserious people , prehaps the people they have seen wearing this hairstyle havenet done well in maintenance of the style.


As they say apearance determines and identifies a person  so its maintenance and preservation of Dreadlock is of utmost importance.

Keeping and maintaining  dreadlocks  is a lot of work to be done.

Here are important Maintenance Tips for Dreadlocks.

1. Clean hair is probably the begining of having good hair and dreadlocks care. To ensure this always wash your hair with a good shampoo and alow for proper drying preferabbly by air.
Some people assume you do not wash dreadlocks as it should be dirty so as to lock to form dreads. That is a serious misconception.

Using a blow dryer will cause the hair to become brittle and too straight.

2. The roots of the dreadlocks need moisture regulalrly to avoid hair damage which can be terrible.

3. African hair naturally dread if not combed regulalrly. It is called the neglect method.

4. If your dread is not kept clean after the intial 5 weeks as recommended by hair stylist, Insects , lice can find it easier to live in such environments and apart from that it smells.

5.Keeping the dreads together is the essential part of maintenance. Some advice use of wax to hold the dreadlocks together. If you dont want to accummulate that dirt substance as the wax eventually mixes with sweat.
Just gently twist your lock with natural hair oil as it provides your hair with a cleaner look.

6. Cover your dreadlocks with silk , satin to protect the dreds when in harsh air environment uch as extreame heat , extreme cold , dryness and humidity.

7. Always use residue free shampoo. Not all shampoo is good for dreadlocks as residue left behind after washing most times cause a bad build up on the scalp of the dreadlocks.

It can also prevent hair from locking properly and also enable a bad smell from growth of mildew in the dreads.

In conclusion , Keeping your dreadlocks properly maintained is essential even health-wise.
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