Doyin, its already 4 years  since you left us on the 15th  of February 2009 on Sunday , but your memory still lingers in my heart and also to those who loved you.

My ex-bunkie, though we weren’t close but you were such a character , a funny one . you were loved by many.

i still regret that you didn’t stay long for us to be close. i know you are in a better place now.

The lesson here is- I have no regrets because she knew exactly how much I valued her as a person. I miss her dearly and am sure a lot of you do 2. God knows best, and she lives on in the hearts of all those who knew her (this sounds so cliche,but its true).
May God grant her family the strength to bear this loss, cos we all have no idea the pain they’re going through.
Remember them in your prayers, and never forget to always tell your loved ones how u feel about them!
Doyin R.I.P.