Mrs Akanni is quite creepy as i also saw. She is an old woman who her age is not even certain by her neighbors.  She was to travel but was really  reluctant to give her Tari her keys for her house to be leaned before she gets back. I wonder why ?


Unfortunately, her house was ransacked when and a tool was left behind by the culprit which was found by Tari. In her mind she was acting detective trying not to use her hands to touch the tool.

Neighbors found out about the breaking-in incidence and a meeting was held in respect of that at Tari’s place. Everyone was allowed to vent and say what they wanted.

At the end the Chief Security, Mr Patrick Eseosa gave them some security tips. Hmm can you imagine Tari and Larry were gazing at each other . These Love birds. …..So everyone now has to be security conscious .

After the meeting , Tari called the the Chief security officer’s attention so as to hand over the tool she fond for more investigation. I liked the way she called ‘Mr Security’ really Fresh. See Tari o, she even handed the tool in a transparent plastic bag , still acting detective.Too much movies.

The chief security officer tried to be informal by telling Tari to call him Patrick which is his first name rather than Mr Security. I’m sure he is a players..

Yinka’s kids, Tobi , Tola and Tope are a handful as they are so hyperactive. Can you imagine when their mum told them to go rest and stop playing, they said they are not tired. I laughed hard.

Tari confessed to her friends that she thinks Patrick , the security guard is cute but  trust Kiki as she slammed Tari saying that he cant afford her. Do you Agree ?

What would you do if your mother-in-law visits you UN-invited with 2 boxes ? Kiki’s mother-in-law came around surprisingly to Kiki .Mother-in-law’s and their whahala.

She paid her transport fare and even told the taxi man to take the rest which i am sure was a lot of money. Hmm its good to be rich o.

Kiki became uncomfortable as she couldn’t continue her secret love affair again. They were always on each other’s throat. When she wanted to gout to the GYM mama decided to follow her and this ruined her plans .

Desperate_Housewives_Africa_Recap_S1_Ep5 (29)

The next day Kiki got mama a gym /workout instructor. You should have seen Mama, her reaction was priceless. Hilarious

Funke was still battling to enroll her kids in Park Royal Academy, but she was told that there was nothing Extra-ordinary about her kids. But really, i was also surprised that kids of 6 years old were expected to have had leadership roles, really ???…

Back at Ese’s , Amanda her niece was around for her project. She felt uncomfortable as the family were not having the best of times. Kay, Ese’s husband came around to take the kids out. He advised Ese top start socializing as counseling may not work out , telling her to get used to the idea of living alone.

Ese was stunned and shocked ,i also felt sorry for her but trust Ese she would always find a way to retaliate.

The perfect opportunity came when her husband, Kay wanted to have a taste of the food . She quickly prevented him and told him to also get used to idea of bad food as counseling may not work out .

Patrick , the Security Official came around to Ese to Form Familiarity , and in the process collected her number and told her he could call her up for drink. But trust Tari she blushed and was acting as if she wasn’t interested by telling him one investigation at at time….

Do you know that it was Kiki’s husband who invited his Mum over because he felt his wife is cheating. You should have seen Kiki’s Mum-inlaw giving her son a hot slap because he couldn’t answer her questions. Reminded me that you can never outgrow an African Mum.

Funke drilled her kids so hard that for the first time i saw them sober and calm .

Sometimes i wonder what  Tari was thinking. Can you imagine she went to meet Larry and told him about Patrick asking her on a date and wanted his opinion?really!!!! In that process she also mentioned the screw she found in Mrs Akanni’s House .

Larry nicely told her that shes big enough to make decisions for her self – a big blow to Tari. He added that his life is complicated..hmm

Desperate_Housewives_Africa_Recap_S1_Ep5 (39)
Akin and Ese At Dinner she invited him over for

Ese invited Akin for dinner , I’m sure she used this means to be able to get some information from him about his Mum’s death.

She in the process cooked up a story so as to get Akin’s trust .Unluckily for her when he was about to open up about a secret he immediately left saying his Dad would kill him. I really wonder what kind of secret is too deep concerning Rume’s death .

As i earlier suspected. Larry is on a shady mission by one chief. Wasn’t too surprised. I really wonder what the catch is ?

Mama has really spoiled  plans for Kiki as she isn’t even giving her any breathing space.

Meanwhile Funke was really desperate for her kids to be enrolled in park royal that she considered the donation of 1 million requested by the academy . Tempting but Shina wasn’t ready to donate such an amount ..

Desperate_Housewives_Africa_Recap_S1_Ep5 (18)
Funke and Shina Negotiating About The Park Royal Academy 1 million Naira Request

Let me ask, would you donate 1 million naira for your kids to attend an academy?

Ese tried to make another attempt to make Akin talk and invited him for another enticing dinner. He agreed but unfortunately Kay suggested they both go out for dinner. But the unexpected happened when they got back.

Ese and kay met security officials and neighbors in front of their house who informed them that there was a break in their house and this once unusual To my shock and surprise , The house was broken into and strange Christmas decorations around the parlor.

Desperate_Housewives_Africa_Recap_S1_Ep5 (4)
Akin tuned himself in as the Culprit in Ese and Kay’s House Break- in

Akin being a good child with conscience confessed to breaking in , you should have seen how scared he was . .

Sp Tari finally went out on a date with Mr Patrick Eseosa, the security guy. They were chilling out in his car and talking before he would go back to his duty.

Desperate_Housewives_Africa_Recap_S1_Ep5 (23)
Tari and Patrick after the date

Unfortunately, Patrick was busted when tari found the screw driver in his car untouched.. He didn’t take the tool Tari found to any police lab for investigation .  She was upset and disappointed and decided to walk home. .

Larry met Tari on the way home and she informed him about Patrick lying to her . He was relived at least no one would be suspecting him anytime soon.

Tari finally confessed that she liked him and they talked for long and they kissed Yay!!!!. Finally . But really Tari is so dramatic ….

This Series is really getting interesting.Ops its over for this week….

Don’t Miss the Next Episode , Tune In on Thursdays 9pm WAT to Ebony Live TV On DSTV . Make it a date  .



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