Tari’s mum who is tired of having her heartbroken has vowed never to get married but an exception is the case of Pascal.
Pascal knocked on the door of the Gambadia’s at exactly 1am which was unexpected. Tari was shocked and amazed and he pleaded to see her mum.
After the whole drama between Pascal and Tari’s Mum, Pascal Proposed and she accepted. after all the initial Gragra.
Kik abd chuka are not having it easy at all. Kiki almost caught chuka who was the culprit that changed her pills to vitamin C. Immediately , he transferred the blame to his dead mum and she outrightly beleived . Hmm Chuka the trickstar.

Funke preparing and packing for a picnic with her family is not so happy as she hardly has Shina’s time coupled with the fact that the couple hadnt made love in 10 days. As Shina on his way to work , she made her mind known to him and to Funke’s surprise , Amara came around to pick him . Hmmm.

Love doesnt actually come around so often and when it does never chase it away . So is the case of Tari’s Mum. Pascal her new Fiance came to take her to his place , before leaving , she advised Tari , to rethink on her decision with Larry.

Kunle is soo in love with Ese that she is blinded from the obvious truth. They both went to a food tasting together , had fun and even fed each other . Surprisingly , guess who spotted the two friends ? Rhetta as usual.

Funke and her kids were having a time at home, Funke had been waiting for Shina as he is really starved of all the love making . To her wish , Shina got back and as they were about getting all cozy up , Tolu , her son came to call for her attention.

Tari got an investigator to dig up on Deji and his family . Unfortunatly and unknowingly to her , the Investigator had worked for Deji. He told Deji about Tari’s intention and he asked what to ket her know.  Her then went visting and as well fed her with lies . After not being able to get anything , she further requested for Larry to be investigated. Was that really gonna give her the answers she needed ?

Kiki is dealing with dilenma of who the father of the pregnancy , told Tye that it mightbe his . He’s so scared.

After making her findings, Tari took a bold step to visit Chief . She met with Frnchesca and also met chief who tried to feed her with lies. but thankfully , Franchessca set thr record straight aqnd told her the whole truth about Larry and the murder acusation.

Ese tried her best to clear doubts and thoughts concening her and Kunle from Rhetta but she is not buying , insisdting that shes having fun with him.

Agnes Benson is not giving up on Akin . She hadnt heard or seen Akin ina  while , she took the bold stpe and called but sadly , Akin’s Dad picked and told her he was sick.

Immediately, he drugged him , packed up his stuff , such evil.

Funke , desperatley seeking ideas to reignite that fire in her marraige , tried a new maid outfit waiting for Shina and slept off. Meanwhile , Shina came back home with his colleague and they both saw Funke . Hmmm

Kiki is now eating unusually transferring all the blame to her unborn baby, had an unexpected visitor – Tye. Tye had made up his mind to be a man and face Mr Obi concerning the paternity of her pregnancy. She made several attempts to stop him .

Agnes sighted Deji leaving his house and she used the opportunity to sneak in and found Akin , drugged. she rescued him , took him with her , not forgtting to drop a note for Deji.


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