Tari decide to spill what she found out about Akin’s whereabout to her friends . About Rume and Ify. Deji who hired a private detective to find out who sent his late wife , Rume the note was able to get a feedback too.

Shina , Funke’s husband made things worse for her by comparing her with Ese , which hurt her . He also told her that he was inviting his boss over to complete the discussion about a certain proposal . So extra work for funke and more ADD medication . But is funke becoming an addict ?

Mama obi still not comfortable with Kiki offer to sell her jewelries to cover up , eavesdropped on her conversation with Tye which made her sure of her suspicion.

Ese is having a hard time back in her home couples with the divorce that is starring her at the face. Her son , Leo threw a boy in the pool can you beat that ? They were summoned by the school authority and instead of sorting out matters , both parties were arguing and throwing blames on each other . The principal then decided to leave the case alone . Hilarious isnt it ?

Tari in her loving up mood with Larry her new found boo was getting ready for a dinner date they had planned already. After much tussle between her and her daughter with what to wear .

Desperate Housewives Recap S1 Ep 7 (4)

On her way to Larry’s she met Rhetta on the way who as usual always tried to talk Tari down but this time around she didn’t give her the opportunity.

Bad luck . Larry had an unexpected visitor – Francesca who cam around just in time for his date. Tari met her and became sad , because the date was canceled . Trust Rhetta just as if she knew , she mocked her .

So who really is Francesca  a colleague or ???? eager to find out i really wanted to understand the meaning of ‘he needs to tell her dad its over’ Hmm beginning to suspect them both.

Rhetta had a conversation about the house he wanted to sell with Deji and after their discussion , a paper fell off from her folder on her way out . To Deji’s surprise that was the exact paper that was used to send a note to his late wife Rume. Did Rhetta leave behind an evidence ?

In order to make the secret affair she had with her young trainer lover , Tye , Kiki offered innocent Catherine a chance to go Abuja to be a part of Fountain Heights Academy , all expense paid and that she would be recommended. Of course who wouldn’t take that offer.

When Tari was clearing out the stuff Deji gave out for charity , they found a baby dress with inscription IFY on it . So Ify was a baby ????

Still with Ese’s about to be broken- family , Kay is not making it easier for her . Kay bought Catherine an Amara luggage set and Leo an expensive wristwatch which were expensive.

Desperate Housewives Recap S1 Ep 7 (5)

Ese came in and told them to return them , then she and Kay engaged in a quarrel.  He asked the kids if they wanted to move in with him and viola , they took the offer. That hurt Ese badly.

During a house viewing conducted by Rhetta , Larry attended and she eavesdropped on his conversation with Francesca which gave her an idea of location of their meeting point. Tari came around , and Rhetta tried to be  nice by telling her to fight for her man that she didn’t give him up for nothing. So Tari gave in . I really don not know what Rhetta is up to.

Back at the Obi’s , they were all supposed to be attending an event but Kiki balled out with her flimsy excuse of stomach pain which obviously was a lie as Mama Obi was there . I must say Mama Obi looked gorgeous. Mama almost exposed her too much exercise’

Funke on the verge of becoming a drug addict to her kids ADD medication , had none left to consume to be effective enough , had to rush to the pharmacy to get more ….Wow. Someone needs to stop her . Is that how hard being a mom to Four kids is ?

Deji and his secret detective thinks its Rhetta that was the one who sent his wife the note . He gave the detective a go ahead to find Rhetta and eliminate her.

Catherine and Leo came home to meet their belongings on the grass in front of the house , surprised they were. Ese was in traditional attire which meant trouble. Catherine was forced to change her mind about moving in with her dad and drop the amazing offer to Abuja. Leo stubbornly refused and wen to his dad with some of his luggage to move in . Bad luck his dad didn’t welcome him .

Larry and Franchessca were in the lounge already discussing . They mentioned ‘that was the last place she was seen alive’ so who is she ? her sister or who who were they discussing about ?

Rhetta and Tari finally arrived at the lounge , tari was still not sure about this move and as she was about leaving , Larry caught up with her . BUSTED!!!!!!

He accused her of following him of which she immediately denied saying that she comes there a lot . lmao , Larry of course didn’t believe her and asked what song she would be singing cos her name was up on the screen. That was the handiwork of Rhetta i suppose.

Funke and Shina finally hosted their guest , Funke’s handiwork paid up  but sadly Shina’s shine was stolen as she chipped in to their conversation that they were trying to buy into from shina.

Desperate Housewives Recap S1 Ep 7 (7)

They all loved her though. So what would you have done if you were Shina ?

Larry, Francesca and Tari were all famzed up as larry cleared the air between them by re-introducing them . Francesca gave a little hint about who he really is . ‘Larry is a good guy but you never really know someone till they open themselves’.. She told her to find out his real reason for moving into Hibiscus Lane .

Rhetta didn’t know what was coming for her . The detective ws able to spot her and engaged her in a conversation.

Kiki taking all the risk in the world, invited Tye over. The young trainer was scared and she advised that Safe is boring . Do you Agree ?

She was convinced that Chuka wouldn’t come home anytime soon as long as his two favorites , Drinks and people talking money were at the event. I was gong to be a night to remember but not for the reasons she imagined.

Mama Obi and her over-sabi and amebo-self came back to the house in a taxi . She then sneaked in the house and took a photo of Kiki and Tye in bed . You needed to see their faces that different expressions. Tye hurried up to collect the camera from her , she hit him and ran out of the house and the unfortunate happened. Mama Obi was hit by a Hit and Run Driver.

Guess who the Hit and Run Driver was ? Find out in the next Episode – Episode 8