I was super ready for this  4th episode on Desperate Housewives Africa , in fact i had to eat late . Anyways here it is :

Funke’s kids are still a pain in the *** Desperate_Housewives_Africa_Recap

There is kinda rebellion spirit in Ese’s house as you know here husband’s absence was telling on her kids and in fact they were not happy that she lied about their dad’s whereabout.The therapy wasn’t working

The part where Ese was questioning her son about his whereabout the previous night and he told her her that he was vexed ..hhmmm. When ese tried to explain ,he banged the door.  Na wa o , In a proper Nigerian home , banging the door on your mum ….thats like signing a death warrant. But wait o is Ese really just trying to protect the wealth and outward appearance ? or is she trying to salvage her marriage ? Cant wait to find out.

So Kiki and her hot self with her trainer boyfriend. Her husband has started suspecting foul play but cant pin point who. Can you imagine, he tells the trainer to spy on her ..i laughed so hard …really ..The culprit himself. But wait o will that work …nah

Rhetta was absent last week , but didn’t miss much of her . I was laughing at the sexy car wash stunts he pulled just to gain Larry’s attention . Hmm , i wonder if Nigeria lady’s really do this ..well maybe its just me .

Tari was called to the show by her smart daughter . Tari beat Rhetta’s game this time around by taking Larry’s wrongly delivered magazine to him and killing Rhetta ‘s show after she has wet herself all up . Ladies sha , things we do for love or Men….

Mrs Benson and her blackmail tactics is still ongoing. But is she really good at keeping secrets as she claims ?

In episode 3 , Ese was able to get Rume’s past files from Father Ajayi . Ese and the other housewives seem to think Rume was blackmialed. When the housewives finally got the courage to invite Deji top show him the Sucide Note , he just sprung up and went out.

But wait why id deji acting strange ? i just dont get it .

Cant wait for Episode 5 … till next week …

Desperate Housewives Africa airs every Thursday at  9 PM on EbonyLife TV (DStv 165)