Today i had to rush home quickly in the heat of Lagos traffic, because i just couldn’t wait to find out the outcome of what happened in Episode 2.


Ese is still in the heat of divorce from her husband , Kay but it seems shes not so bothered of the outcome.


The housewives met as usual to talk and remembered Rume and her death with little sobs. So they decided to organize a dinner in memory of their dead friend Rume.

So the big deal was to convince the men in their lives to attend.

Funke’s husband , Shina was kinda difficult to convince as he insisted on staying back and wanting to spend time with his family. Funke tried to convince him but didn’t work so she decided to go alone and leaving Shina with her hyper-active and time-draining kids. I bet he would have rather opted to attend the dinner party.

Ese and her husband with their usual problems. He first disagreed to opt out but later changed his mind.

Tari’s Ex-Husband Danladi is a hunk though.I saw him today for the first time in this awesome series. He came to the house to pick up Tari’s daughter for the weekend with his new wife really ???? I can say jealousy is a bi**h. Tari was not comfortable with the love-up played by this duo so with a little argument, her Crazy self was unveiled.

She dragged danladi babe’s hair and OMG!!! it was a wig .I laughed hard here and i liked it , was really hilarious.

Unfortunately , the wig fell off and met Larry at his feet . Tari then became a little embarrassed. Then danladi left.

Kiki and her trainer-lover-boy were still at it this time around . Kiki and that her handsome husband were at it as she tried to convince him to attend the dinner party organized by the other desperate housewives.

Ese tried to invite Rume’s son and her husband Deji but he disapproved it. In-fact i am tired of this rift between Akin and Deji all the time . Except there is something fishy that both of them have done or had a hand in Rume’s death. Cant wait to find out.

The dinner party finally  held but it was a big disaster. As Ese’s husband admitted to everyone that they are having issues in their marriage and are undergoing counseling but wants a divorce.

You needed to see Ese’s face , just as if she could disappear from that room at that moment. Everyone was socked , especially her friends. Every other person tried to lessen the tension with jokes and all but didn’t work for Ese.

Ese decided to give it back to Kay for running her reputation in front of everyone , she then tells everyone how big of a cry baby Kay is.

After the party, Mr.De Souza, Ese’s husband decided to move out of the house , falling deaf eras to Ese’s plea and apology.

So now Ese is all alone , i wonder what she would say to her friends and most especially her kids when they get back.

Not happy this episode is already ended, cant wait for next Thursday. So if you missed this episode , don’t miss the next one- Episode 4 .

Desperate Housewives Africa airs every Thursday at  9 PM on EbonyLife TV (DStv 165)