Kiki finally organized a farewell party for her husband chuka and everyone including the Desperate housewives were invited.

Ese and her husband organized a little get together for her friends and the men in their life. It was such a great thing . Everyone was happy .

It seems kay and Ese are renewing their love life as they were out at an outing. Surprisingly, Lekan came around and for sure Kay , her husband was extremely jealous.
He invited Ese for aculinary experience which she immediately accepted not really minding what Kay hadto think.

Kay suspects that Lekan is in love with his wife.

Kiki invited one of her old baker friend over and they discussed about cake . She officially told her to make a cake for her husbands sendforth as hes going for a rethreat. hmmm , lies that we tell to protect our Ego.

sadly for kiki , she is pregnant as her friend confirmed so. she puked at a cake taste and immediately she knew.

Funke still dealing with Amarachi’s threat to her marriage decided to pay her a visit.

Funke being a nice wife to Shina, dropped by his office to  give him a  document he forgot.Lo and behold , she got the surprise of the year. AMARACHI.!!!

Amarachi , Shina’s Ex-girlfriend has relocated back to Lagos and they’ve been working together for 3 months without informing Funke his wife.
The whole story of how Amarachi became Shina’s past was because of Funke.

Shina and Aamarachi had it going well for them until Funke came in newly into their office . Shina then dumped Amarachi due to that and she relocated to Abuja.

Deji still suspicious of Rume’s album being found on the sofa after Rhetta gave him a surprise visit decided to find out the truth.
he went  to Rhetta and confronted her about the incident
After threat which she fell for , she immediately reported herself while blaming Tari FOR MAJORITY.

Larry saw Rhetta and Deji talking and then went over to Tari to warn her to be careful of Deji , that hes dangerous.

Kay tried to talk to Ese about kunle and her friendship with him . She still insists that he is a friend with whom she shares cutural interest with . Kay is still not convinced and decided to change pharmacy.
Kiki scared she might really be pregnant , decided to have a quick check on herself . Ese also came to pay Kunle a visit and to tell him they cant be friends  anymore but ended up believing his lies that he was engaged to Florence the sales lady.
Shina is in serious trouble with funke as he was eve the one who endorsed her to work with him. Is funke insecure ?
Akin is not giving up on Aisha, he came around with a basket of fruits to apologize for his behavior earlier and demanded to see Aisha. Tari was the one who attended to him. He started raising his voice when tari refused his request. It was quiet shocking and scary to Tari .Deji then instructed him to get back in the house immediately.
Agnes, Miss Benson’s sister watched as the whole drama unfolded. She reminisced on how she and Rume treated a pregnant drug addict  which she still suspects is the mother of Akin.
Funke decided to take visit amarachi and warned her to stay clear off her husband. , definitely Amarachi denied her still in
  Kiki is officially pregnant  shes so angry . Funke decided to take the bull by the horn went to Rhetta for advice on how a desperate woman can keep her man.