Kiki and Chuka are in real big mess as they still struggle to deal with their money problems. It was that bad that he was even drinking Garri!!!!

Episode 15 marks the new release of Episodes in Desperate Housewives Africa.

Shina hangingout with his colleagues playing basketball was bonding time but one of his colleagues was all over being the scorer then his darling wife Funke called right in time. You should have seen Shina whining to his wife like a baby.

Tari wants Aisha to stay away from Akin . The inspector came around to ask Tari questions concerning Lari and she proved to be his Alibi, telling him that they were together.

Chuka Obi is still trying to get his game back . He employed a new personal fitness trainer for her, guess who ? Tye’s friend AYO. Can you imagine that he tried to sexually harras her . Kiki was sure as shocked as i was.

He obviously wanted to sleep with her because his friend Tye had his own fair share. So he knew she had a secret affair. Does that spell trouble.

Tari went to visit Lari in the police custody , he looked so terrible. He really needed her at that point in time.

Ese invited Tye , he was surprised but trust Ese she went straight to the point. She made Tye know that she was aware that catherine , her daughter said she wants to give him her virginity. Wow such courage. Tye was already getting uncomfortable with the discussion.

He told Ese that he already broke up with catherine beacuse he didnt want to sleep with her. That he is in love with someone else and im sure you know who ……

Guess what , Shina got a new Job as the new director of West Africa. He was super excited and so was his wife Funke happy for him . Till Funke relaesied that he would be less around and more of travel. It was like a death sentence for her to take care of her kids all by herself.

Lari was able to get access via a phone call to chief to enable his release on bail. Hmmmm.

Funke still not comfortable with the new job her husband recently got went visiting. Meanwhile Shina was enjoying the moment of his new office , showingoff his family to his new subordinates. Unfortunately for Shina, Funke met his boss which was a perfect time to sell a negative pitch to give him his old job back.

That worked as she stylishly made the boss realise the negative impact of this new job on her and her kids. Hmmmm guess what it sure did the magic. It worked. Shina lost the new position and was given back his old position back.

Tari unexpectedly received two inspectors concerning Lari’s case and what she wasnt expecting was about to be revealed.

The inspectors carried out their usual questioning and interrogation but before they could go on , a call came in which seemed like call from an Oga at the top. Immediately they cut short the conversation. But before they left , they dropped the BOMB ! . Larry was sent to prison for man slaughter and drug trafficking for 7 years , so he was an ex-convict. That was a serious shocker for her.

Aisha went to see catherine when the inspectors came around, there was a party Akin was throwing. Every youngster on Hibscus Lane was present including Ayo, Tye and Leo.

Akin was delighted to see Aisha , Leo and catherine went in to have a private discussion while Leo was being the trouble maker he was. Leo madefun of Akin as usual and beliitled him in fornt of everyone . He definetly was angry but he threatened to kill and use the rope his mum used to commit sucide to snuff outof his lief. That shooked Aisha, she was scared and also catherine upset about Leo’s response ran out crying.

Aisha went ahead to console her , when Akin tried coming to meet her she stopped him. Beinga a nice friend, she took crying catherine home.

Lari came around finally released from poilice custody , happy went to see Tari but unfortunately he didnt get the response he expected. Tari already knew about his past that he never seemed to tell her. It really hurt her. She told Lari to stay off.

Kiki and Chuka still struggling with money issues sadly have to sell their house to survive.