Love is in the air in Hibiscus Lane as Valentine is around the corner. Everyone expecting something and some planning on surprising the other.

Larry Izama ia still searching for the murder of Chief’s daughter.
One would supposedly think that Funke and her Kids were adorable but she had demons she was fighting with them..

It is Episode 14 of Desperate Housewives Africa.


Funke and her restless kids always have their bad times but since it was the season of love and giving , they surprised Funke with a Gift!

A flower vase , funke was all surprised and she was so excited but didnt ask how they got it.

Miss okorie was her neighbour but notthe nice one , they were always at logger heads everytime and this time around it was heated.
The vase that funke’s kids gave her as a valentine gift was stolen from Mirs Okorie.
Funke initially put the vase in fron of the house just as every proud mother will.
Mrs okorie confronted funke and made her know that the vae was stolen and she bought it from Mozambique. At that moment funke just wished she could disappear and return her kids …

Back at the Desouzas, Kay in his bid to win his wife back bought flowers  and  a note to her . Larry made dinner reservations for tari and himself  while Shina totally forgot.

The desperate housewives met as usual unaware of the plans made for them . They discussed about Rume and akin and how she kept lots of secret . They sure miss her.

Mrs Bensons sister brought some letters that were wrongly delivered to her that were meant for Deji. So being a nice neighbour , she brought the letters to him. Conincidentally , she saw the frame where rume’s photo was and immediately she recognised her as Lilian Bello. Deji was surprised , she even  said they worked together at a teaching hospital in Jos.

Kiki is really angry and pisses at the constant s3xual harrasemnets he has been getting of lately and lamenting this to a friend on a phone conversation, Meanwhile Inyang , her househelp was there scrubbing the bathroom and started singing just to get Kiki angry. Kiki as usual screamed at her to shut up and surprisingly INyang retaliated
She  sttod up to her and i was shocked. i guess it was the accumulation of Kiki’s overbearing attitiude towards her.

Larry still showing Tari how uch he cares , got a gift for her and while they were talking they both found Funke’s sons hiding behind Tari’s house from their moms’s warth. He talked to them and took them back to their mom. Hmm , guess he would make a good dad.

After much persuassion by Shina, Funke then decided to be nice and took her kids to mrs okorie to apologize . They promised never to do it again.

Ese went back to father Ajayi to have another session with him. She confessed that she hasnt still forgiven her husband for what he did and she still wonders why he cheated. Can you imagine what she really missed is her elaborate dinner parties she usually organised.

Kiki went for a photo session and to her utter surpise , it was a low production session and guess the theme ? It was for rat pioson. Can you imagine. Kiki was furious , but she needed the money.

Ese and kay tried watching p**n and she was disgusted. he admitted he like watching other people’s love making. Ese wondered if he was abused as a child.

Lari still searching for answers in the wrong places and he started house to house hunt and search.He got to a particular huse where he enered and was ransacking items unti he was caught red-handed and was shot while trying to escape. To avoid suspicion , Tarry was the threated by chief’s doctor.

Funke and Mrs okorie’s rivalry was a sworn one , mrs okorie came and told funke to remove her kids bikes , it then turned to an argument and funke threw eggs at her.

Kiki has officially lost her job , the odds are really against her as he has to deal with all these problems all alone without chuka her husband.Kiki then decided to go for a mekover after all she needs to make herself happy. unforunatley when she tried paying for the service , her cards were declined hmmm , trouble. So kiki can no longer afford 30k. Thats serious  , so the only way to pay for the service was her offering to work as a bautician for a month for free.

Shina made a very shocking discovery as he found other item stolen by his kids in their play corner. It was really a huge shock for funke and her husband Shina.

Larry and Tri went for the dinner he reserved. They both looked awesome together , unfortunately , the magical moment was interrupted as a waiter mistakenly hit lari on his stomach and the gun shot wound was opened. While Tari was trying to let him know that she wasnt ready for a baby , Lari was secretly in pain as he was bleeding . He excused himself and eventually fainted.

Kay finally got the last laugh as Ese decided to give in to his needs, she agreed to allow him video thier love making . Hmm what a husband.

Larry in the hospital , unconscious and Tari wen to see him . He made her know that he didnt care about kids but he wanted her.


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