Lekan the pharmacist wanted Friendship or maybe more than that with Ese Desouza. Will she give that to him ? Continued secrets develop in Hibiscus Lane . Akin thinks he killed his baby sister.

Its another episode in the captivating Desperate Housewives Africa.

Aisha Gambadia has always been a good child and always on top of her class , Bright , affectionate and considerate of others. So you can say Aisha was the perfect Child.  Until….

Tari caught Aisha and Akin when they were just about to Kiss , or when Akin was about to kiss her . Tari came in just in time. She was surprised. So no perfect child after all. Akin immediately disappeared. Aisha is  grounded has banned her from seeing Akin and even forbade her going to the school disco.

So Tari welcome to the club o not-well-behaved-children.

Kiki is in big trouble . Tye’s parents came to see her to talk to her son. Tye has suddenly changed his mind to be a physical trainer and has abandoned his dreams of being an engineer.  Initially Kiki Refused but when Tye’s mum Mrs Charles used Naija sense and threatened to call a magazine she then changed her mind.

Funke’s father-in-law came around to spend some time with the family. Ese still insists on  a divorce from her husband , Kay.

Catching her daughter almost being kissed by Akin is still something to be worried, Tari taking a step to protect her daughter told Deji, Akins father about his antics . Unfortunately he didn’t take it serious, he laughed about it.

Sadly , Akin overheard their conversation and found out that his dad had sold the house, so furious he walked away and yelled at him.

Funke’s grandpa brought a lady home , Mrs Osaze and they were kissing when Funke and Tola , one of her sons entered.Yo should have sen the guilt written all over his face. Even little Tola noticed the red lipstick on is cheeks.

Kay is not comfortable with the divorce and even sharing of the properties , but Ese insisted. So he decided to leave with 3 cars because Ese took the golf membership which she knows is his hobby.

He decided to cajole and talk her into changing her mind about the divorce. Ese is still bitter about the cheating escapade which almost took his life. He told her to pretend like nothing happened , she then asked him how he would feel if she does the same thing he did?

His face countenance changed immediately and he answered that it would kill him . Ese smiled , guess that made her day as she felt so happy inside.

Tari eavesdropped on Aisha and Akin’s conversation via skype as Aisha has decide not to come out of her room .

One of the evenings, Ese decided to take a stroll and she bumped into Lekan. They both talked , he even encouraged her to make things right with her husband even thought he hated the fact she wasn’t his. Kay was awake waiting for her , even as she got into the house past midnight.

Shina’s father knew that he was in for it with Funke , as she came to sit with him while he was having breakfast. She is worried her kids might have seen something. Funke’s Father-in-law still defended his acts.

With th whole conversation had , it showed he was not faithful to his wife and that didn’t bother him.  Guess he didn’t like the tone of the conversation and where it was heading so he decided to leave.

Shina rushed home immediately and even met his dad leaving already with his boxes. Funke told Shina what his dad did as she is not even taking it funny.  Shina’s dad thinks Funke’s opinions doesn’t matter as her options are best left in th kitchen …GHmmm

Tari decide to unground Aisha on the conditions that she is a chaperon of the school dance so at least she can keep an Eye on her. You should have seen Akin, he wore a suit, he looked nice though. Deji and Akin had a conversation and he confessed to having told Aisha some secrets.


Tari left the school disco early , as he was about entering her house Deji stopped her and told her he would like to talk to her . I actually was scared he was gonna do something creepy to her just like he did to Mrs Benson.

She revealed that she heard Aisha and Akin’s conversation , foolishly Deji thought she really knew everything about their family and opened up more than Tari expected.

He even told her about Akin killing Ify and all the gory details. Tari had to play along to get more information. He then told her that Ify didn’t die. She swore not to tell anyone .

The next day Deji told Akin that Ify didn’t die and he didn’t kill anyone for the first time they has a real conversation. Akin threatened his dad not to move that he cares about Aisha.

We all know that Tye proposed to Kiki , well Kiki’s mum and her husband who always acts like her handbag both came to Kiki asking for the ring back and ven threatened  ger that if she doesnt return it she would show her pepper.