Chuka Obi is still in the custody of the police /sss who is till detaining him for further investigation. Kiki is not finding this funny as she is financially down. She cant even pay her bills anymore.

Desperate Houswives Episode 11 is here…..

Aisha Gambadia’s birthday is coming up , Larry is worried that Danladi is invited and all. Hmm maybe he is jealous and insecure. Kay is still wanting pleasures that his wife Ese cannot give him.

Funke is now more relaxed and has time for herself but she is not still convinced about the new nanny and her kids. Ese aids her with a nanny cam which she positioned to capture and monitor the events.

Infact its now a new series and soap opera for her everyday.She was

Mrs benson isstill yet to be ssen, everyone is already getting worried.
Danladi came around for Aisha’s birrthday and Tari was not alone as Larry was also present. Guess who showed up ?

In the midst of the whole birthday mood. Rhetta mistakemly revealed to Tari that she was having an affair with Danladi when he was stillmarried to Tari. Iagine!!!!! Busted!

Danladi and rhetta tried to make tari feel bad but unfortunately for them , Tari turned the tables and she even sang with Larry hyping her up. Twas sure funny.

Deji feeling all guilty about Mrs benson murder decided to shiftthe blame to somone else. Guess who ?/
Deji went up to dig up Mrs Benson’s corpse and took an evidence from her , her ring and then smoothly planted it in Larry’s car.

Back at Funke’s place , the nanny was sure a relif for funke but she neglected the fact that Shina her husband was at risk or she was even exposing her marriage to risk of temptation.

Oriode and shina bumped into each other in the middle of the night and it wasnt soo cool aas she was wearing just a tank top and shorts.hmmmi wonder what was going through his head.

The next day Funke caught shina starring at oriode’s cleavage, she was shocked. Immdeaitely she opted for another nanny.

Danladi came back to beg Tari , came around to apologize for his past behviousr and all. He went saying how much he missed her and all , Admitted he messedup and he needs another chance. To his amaement, Tari oushed him away and went over to Lary’s and confessed her love forhim.

Ese is having the fun she has alwys desired.Funke on the search for an unattractive and experienced nanny. Kiki is tryng to get her groove back.
Mrs benson’s bosy has been found.