Unexpected visitors mostly lead to unexpected consequences such as what happened at Verdic Lifecare hospital where Mama Obi was.

Recall that Mama Obi was hit by Leo and since then has been in Coma, but this night something was coming for everyone.

Alao the Janitor was on duty going about his cleaning, Kennedy the security guard dozing on duty while Ojuigo the night nurse was busy imaging her becoming a size 12.
 So everyone’s mind was busy. Mama Obi who was in coma suddenly woke up  and immediately she stood up looking for her son . Unfortunately while walking around with her drip looking for her son Chuka, she slipped and fell . Ojuigo heard the fall and rushed to her aid , mama obi tried to expose kiki but she couldnt make it . She died with kiki’s secret.
Tari has been fanatasing about Larry coming around to apologize with different scenarios , funny enough Larry did come around but she hid.
Ese’s son , Leo was becoming a thorn on his own flesh as he was caught by a security guard smoking indian hemp in his car. Before the security man could accost him , he drove off.
Kay and Ese are really pissed at leos’s attitude and behaviour, did showring hi with much love , attention have a bad effect on his life ? Ese wondered.
Funke’s kids wwere at their usual restless and rough behviour when she visited them at school and then she met a new friend who couldnt  speak properly but by sign languaue . They became firends.
Chuka Obi came home very excited and happy , his case with the police is over and what is leftis to pay off some amount of money by selling the house.
Also he wants to purchase a 1million naira gold crusted coffin for his mum’s burial. Who does that. Kiki was unhappy about CHuk’s decsion.
Kiki went to the hospital to be sure that no one knew about her little secret (the love affair) which only Mama Obi knew. Fortuntaly , the result was positive , Mama Obi died with the secret.
Tari got a letter from Larry but she is quite scared of opening it , with anxiety she showed her friends , they encouraged her to open it but she shrugged and went inside. There is a new guy in Hibscus Lane, an archirtect. He asked Tari for a drink-date but she turned it down.
Funke invited her new friend she met at her kid’s  school to her house for dinner . Her husband was not a nice guy as he made fun of her which Funke didnt take likely.
Back at the Desouza’s , Ese went abouther daily activiy in making sure the  house was as clean and arranged as possible. Leo was in his room , Ese tried to talk to him and he didnt respond, he was rude to his mum  to the extent that he pushed his mum in an srguent . Fortunatly for Ese, Kay was just passing Bye and he stepped in and landed Leo a very hot slap infact it made him scared. Trust a Nigerian Father!
Rhetta decided to go Jogging and Tari stopped her up to ask her for permission to go on a date with the new guy . Rhetta was surprised at tari skig her for permisiion as as uaual she disapproved saying if she doesnt have him , no one will.
The burial rites of Mama Obi took place , everyone was present including the other wives. Kiki tried to shed some tears but not because it was of thye death but because of the huge amount of money on a coffin.
Should Chuka take the deal of spending 6 months in Jail ? or