Whoop whoop!!!! It’s the D-day….. Hurrayyyyyy!!! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
So yes yes yes today is the final day on camp and our camp POP.


Well… I don’t see the use of such ceremony but who cares anyways….. So long as I eventually get out of the camp.

But the honest truth is I’m beginning to have mixed feelings about leaving… I was just beginning to get a grip and enjoy the moment. Ohhh well….. #sigh I still have to leave!!!
I can say i almost didn’t sleep over the night not due to excitement but cos firstly, I had a good round table laugh with friends and roomies and that lasted a while and then I pretty much had to get up really early to prepare because by 4, announcements already came for us to go drop our beds off as that could only give us the pass we would use to leave the gate which even turned out to be false cos such was never presented.
Everyone was up and about…. Dropping off their mattresses, dropping off their luggage’s while some hadn’t even had their baths.

Some people already paid for transport tickets at different church centers most of which was NCCF (Nigerian Corpers Fellowship) but I missed the deadline so I was just going to take public transport and I later realized that was to my benefit.


And well.. Me and my fellow cohorts that also didn’t pay just did attachee somewhere with our luggages because we were to move every single thing out.
The program wasn’t to start till about 10am so me and my people just perched our butts in a canteen and talked our mouths out till it was time.

And as usual, the soldiers came to do their jobs. This time they were forcing us to go do our parade and get out of the camp.

Pfttttt!!!! As if we even wanted to stay sef. Anyways, we all went to the parade ground but as typical Nigerians that we are, mostly we don’t keep to time loo.

Actually we would have started but we had to chill for the governor’s representative… That distance from calabar to Obubra wasn’t an easy one. Though the sun was really scorching (i wonder where the sun here shines from) but we tried to survive it.

While people were anticipating their PPA letters, relocation campers were trying to print out their relocation letters.

Firstly, i was amazed we had to pay an extra amount online to print out and then the printing center guys now added a ridiculous 500n to print out…. Ahahn nahhh mehn I just couldn’t think of doing that.


All i was interested in was knowing my state of relocation. But a lot of eager other people went ahead to print it out like that…. Hian! Na them get their money oooo… I no fit!!!!
The ceremony finally began and I actually missed it cos I slept off. And ohhh my it was fast cos by the time I got out, they were already rounding up and peeps were already gathering to collect their PPA letters.

Now this was the moment of laughter and pain. While some were so happy they got cally (calabar…. Cos that’s were most people really wanted.

It’s like the only modern place here), others were full of anger, sadness and tears because of where they were posted. Some were to go to villages about 4-9 hours away from here.

I really did feel for some people but then…. What could i have done?!
And so all roads led to different destinations…. My own destination was cally. I knew I was going to get there late and there was no night flight so I had to move with an early flight the next day!!!
Now one part that has got me wondering and thinking that i never really mentioned was the part about people who developed relationships in camp.

When i say relationships, I don’t mean friendship or the sort…. I mean the romantic relationship part.

It really baffles me how you meet someone and in less than a week you start something serious with them and then one of the party hopefully thinks that is going to go somewhere.

Now now, I’m not saying it can’t actually work but then the chance of that happening is 2%.

Except of course it’s a mutual agreement to make it just a camp relationship to while away time and boredom. Asides that, OYO is the case ooooo!!!!

And so my journey out of obubra began……
Bye bye state coordinator, bye bye commandant, bye bye soldiers and man-o-war niggas, bye bye meditation ground, bye bye parade ground, bye bye gentlemen corpers and finally bye bye Obubra!!!
I really do hope my service year is going to bring a lot of positive and good vibes as well as good tidings into my life.

And i really do hope to have an impact on someone’s life with my service year. And so with this, i fulfill my once in a lifetime duty to Nigeria!!


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