It is no longer new that Prostitution has taken another angle in Nigeria recently. now foreigners now find this act (business) lucrative in our country.

Just recently 13 teenage Chinese prostitutes have been arrested and detained by the Nigerian Immigration Service  .

There was a tip off to the immigration service which resulted to a raid of their base on Emina Crescent, off Toyin Street, Ikeja.

A Chinese couple   named Sun and Yin Li run this cartel . they bring in Chinese teenagers into the country  and camp them in an apartment for our fellow Nigerian politicians, business executives and expatriates to hire for s*x at the cost of between $1,000 and $2,500

Can you imagine /??????

This couple have been operating for a while and  the business was booming and the couple were in the process of importing more girls before they were raided.

Only 13 girls were picked from the apartment.

The Chinese couple, along with some other girls, managed to escape from the apartment and are now in hiding.

Let us come together an help fight crime and prostitution in Nigeria.


  1. I blive that kill some of nigeria that do smething like this before will can do the same to them