Oprah Winfrey might not perform thrilling stunts but it turns out that she needs a body double on occasion – that being every time she does a photo shoot.
Hawaii local Shaka was the 59-year-old’s body double for April’s O Magazine cover shoot.
‘Every photo shoot that happens, happens with a huge team, and I have a stand in for every single set,’ Oprah explained in a behind-the-scenes video, before greeting Shaka with a friendly ‘Aloha’.

Ready for her action sequence: Oprah Winfrey has introduced her body double Shaka to the world in an interview promoting her Confidence magazine

the twosome found out that they had more in common than just looks as they became friends and bonded over their matching outfits.
But Oprah was quick to point out that her ensemble was slightly more lavish, swishing her skirt around and chanting: ‘My skirt’s bigger than yours!’
The shoot and interview were both put together at Winfrey’s Maui farm house.
Her tropical idyll is featured in full in the new edition of the magazine, which hits news-stands on March 19.
Oprah reveals her tips for building confidence in the magazine and refers to Terrence Howard‘s recent gag about her ‘tig ol’ bitties’ after they filmed a scene together for The Butler.