The election for a new pope begun last night as Black smoke billowed from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel Tuesday night, indicating that cardinals gathered at the Vatican to elect a new pope had not chosen one in the first ballot of their conclave. the secret election to determine the next pontiff got underway as soon as the doors closed behind the 115 Roman Catholic cardinals charged with electing the new pope.

Millions waiting for the result

The result which kept millions of catholic waiting patiently and some eagerly still lingered as results will be  revealed by puffs of smoke from the chimney following each ballot. Black smoke symbolizes a negative outcome, while a white smoke means a new occupant of the Seat of St. Peter has been selected.Meanwhile thousands of faithful Catholics are waiting in the rain outside the Sistine Chapel to hear the good news – the election of a new Pope

All the cardinals will remain locked inside Sistine Chapel until one candidate receives at least 77 votes. Hopefully they will consider a black man 🙂

At about 3:00 pm , black smoke still rose from the chimney .No Pope yet . The 115 cardinals who went into the Sistine chapel yesterday to elect a new Pope didn’t unanimously agree on a new man to lead the church so they sent up black smoke from the chimney to signal their disagreement.


Finally at about At 7:07 p.m., local time, white smoke billowed from the Sistine Chapel, signalling that a new pope had been elected after only two days of voting and five ballots with Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina has been named Pontiff. He is to be known as Pope Francis.

76 year old Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aries in Argentina has been named the 266th Pope. He’s the first Latin-American Pope in the history of the Catholic Church, which is the longest running institution in the history of mankind…almost 2,000 years old. The new Pope was the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina before he was elected to lead the Catholic church. He was ordained for the Jesuits on Dec. 13, 1969. He has chosen the Papal name – Pope Francis 1.

Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio will be known as Francis. He is the first pope to be known by that name, and the first from the Americas. The new pope will lead the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics.