Carpooling has gradually gained its depth in Nigeria especially Lagos which is the busiest city .

carpooling-disadvantages-no-one-tells-you-Evatese-blogIn case you do not know , carpooling is is the shared use of a car, especially for commuting to work, often by people who each have a car but travel together to save cost and to promote other socio-environmental benefits.

But there are disadvantages of carpooling no one tells you .  Moreover, it’s a matter of personal choice and comfort as well.

Here are some  disadvantages of carpooling that can help you in making the decision

Disadvantages of Carpooling No One Tells You

1. Safety
In places like Lagos and other big cities , safety is an issue that should be considered. Lots of individuals have had to share their sad tale while carpooling . Some robbed , some kidnapped and some missing .

2. Flexibility
While carpooling , it becomes kind of difficult to run errands on the way to and from work or common locations.

3. Health wise
As there are a number of people traveling together in the car, you are prone to catch viruses easily, thereby falling ill.

4. Ability to adjust
Of course your fellow carpoolers might of weird behavior and attitude and most people find it difficult to adjust with people in the car, in case they have peculiar habits such as smoking or latecomers, etc.

5. Punctuality
Any participant running late can effectively make all the other members behind time we well, since the carpool has to wait for the participant.

6. When carpooling with companions from the same organization, it often results in a lot of gossips, backbiting and unpleasant experience for most of the people.

7.Loss of freedom.
The biggest downside to carpooling is likely the loss of freedom offered by having your car at the office. If you want to go out to lunch, or if you happen to have a family emergency, you may not be able to get to where you need to go.

You will have to sacrifice a certain amount of independence and personal ownership of time while carpooling

Do you agree , do you think there are more disadvantages ??? share with us below