Can you really be faithful to a cheat ? Hello Eb Readers , welcome to another segment on Relationships.

Yes that is a question i usually ask people i know who are in a relationship (I also ask myself too). Todays post is not one sided like some of my previous ones. I am referring to both parties, Ladies and the Guys.


Firstly, finding out that your partner is cheating is a very devastating information Especially when you have been faithful the whole time.

It can worsen or sometimes destroy the bond built already. In my a previous post, i dished out 18 factors that lead to relationship loss and Cheating is a top factor.

So when you do find out that your partner has been cheating do you stay on in the relationship ? or do you move on and end the relationship ? or do you stay in the relationship and payback or would you stay back in the relationship and keep being faithful?




Trust me , its quite hard to keep things same especially when you already have that in your mind that he might be cheating on you. I gave an opinion that all men cheat but some readers disagreed. Then i gave you all reasons why women cheat

Cheating on your partner is very easy but being faithful no matter the circumstances is the hardest.- Evatese

From the ladies perspective , she might stay back because of LOVE…Yes you cant underestimate the power of a woman in love. I have heard of ladies staying in abusive relationships for one reason or the other.

From The Guys Perspective—-Guys what is your perspective



when people cheat and get caught , usually they give the normal ‘i promise not to do it gain’ Then as the loving faithful partner, you forgive ….But the partner continues and continues …how long would you keep forgiving ? how long can you be faithful to such a partner and how long can you stay ?

I wonder to the cheating partners , if you really love him/her then why are you cheating ? like really !!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen , would you still remain faithful to a cheating partner ? How long can you be faithful ?


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