I can’t believe camp is over.  I woke up very early in order to get myself ready to leave camp unlike others that were getting ready to go for the closing ceremony. I submitted my bed, had my bath and got ready.HJKYIHN

I was leaving camp with two of my friends to town so I had to rush up and leave. Sadly , the plan we had of us all staying together was destroyed due to reasons best known to them . I felt bad but at least I had learnt my lesson of sometimes thinking of you first. Anyways, we left camp around 9 am while the rest that were to remain in the state were getting ready for the closing ceremony and also to see their letters of posting.

I can gladly and boldly say That NYSC orientation camp was the best 3 weeks of my life. Goodbye my flight awaits me .

CC S1E1a





  1. Did you do your redeployment in camp or a nysc official did it for you? I’m going to camp in two days. Though someone is helping me with my redeployment, I’m confused as to how the whole redeployment thing works. Please reply ASAP!

  2. Wow! I read the whole season 1 to 3 non-stop. I got enough info to prepare for batch A 2015. God bless

    • Thanks dee. Im glad you enjoyed it …Dont forget to share with friends that need s such info

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