Today is the last morning drills and meditation that would be conducted for my batch .Sad much .It’s just now I started to realize how much I’m going to miss camp life, miss my new friends and also my platoon(Not everyone o!). There was not really much to do on the parade ground. All otondos were gathered together and talked to concerning what to expect after camp and things to do.

There was also final marching rehearsal for the selected few to perfect their steps before tomorrow’s closing ceremony. After the short meeting we were allowed to go and prepare for tomorrow.  I went straight to collect my redeployment letter and as lucky as I could be I was redeployed to 2 states ! wow. I was surprised so I picked one of the two. I was cleared and told I could leave camp. Some people didn’t even wait, they already started leaving.

I didn’t want to rush because I thought I and my friends had plans after camp. We wanted to spend one night together before we disperse. So I went back to my room, gathered all my things . Took my bath, went to mammy to chill with my friends. I had lunch. I collected my pictures from the various photographers. Then I also collected my video CD I booked for.

Today I decided to give myself a cool camp treat. I bought the nice sharwama, ice cream, chicken. I was very full that I went back to my room and slept.  i was told that we are to submit mattress by 4am.