Hey woke up quite late. I didn’t go out for morning parade /drills. I slept well enough. I woke up at my own pace. So happy because I’m already counting down to the end of this camp ish.

I saw my platoon leader. So happy to see him tho. YeA I forgot to say that today is camp fire night. So everyone is busy preparing for the event. So he briefed me of what is hAppening.

Went to fill the redeployment form at the office and trust me there was crowd. Anyway when I was done I ran to my hostel to take my bath. Later on , I went to have breakfast at maami which was nice. I had bread + akara +fried egg. It was nice trust me.

Stayed with my friends , we talked , laughed and I didn’t feel too happy because camp is ending sooner and the whole love we shared and bond might be short-lived. so sad.

Later on I went to assist my platoon in the kitchen. All platoons were cooking at designated locations. They were cooking for the platoon and also there was to be a cooking competition to decide the platoon that cooked the best meal.


Then rain started its own. Everyone scampering for shelter and praying for the rain to stop. Luckily rain listened to us and just showered for a short period of time. The cooking continued and preparation rounding up. I didn’t want to take the risk of being hungry and depending on platoon food that I might not get. so I went to have dinner. Went back to prepare for camp fire nite.

Lots of ladies, took the camp fire very personal. they wore jeans, heavy make up and all. sadly the joy was shortlived as one of the commandants chased people back to wear their whites. hahaha

As good-looking as I was , I left for the event which started by 7pm. The fire was
lit by the man-o-war crew. They danced round it. The program was opened. The state co-ordinator was also at the event. It was ok.

People were introduced at the high table.
My platoon shared meal ticket. So at least I got food which I payed for. I stayed with my friends , laughed , danced and took pictures.

Everyone was happy I guess. Later there was a dancing competition that was won by platoon 10.

Many were paired up already. Different things happened both the good , the bad and the ugly.

The cooking competition was won by platoon 10. people were just there having fun . i even heard that some didn’t go inside till dawn . you should trust what went down. saw people(couples) going to mammi to catch their groove. The whole program ended by 2am. It was ok. Different platoons danced round the fire. But it was over -hyped. i heard lagos camp ended thiers by 10pm. (laughing)