Hey dear ,morning parade calls again. Today nothing much happened at the parade ground. As usual , had to wait for the selected squad team to practice.

Then went to have my bath , breakfast on point but didn’t go out for lectures sha. Tried as much as possible to be invisible to the soldiers. Well it worked. But today lectures were not taken seriously sha. I came out later on to see what was happening but nothing much. I then bought some motivational books at a cheap rate.

Later went to have lunch at mammi. Time for parade came but I escaped. Tried to retrieve my sim. It worked. So happy because I’ve been barred for almost a week.

Yeah I forgot to say that today is my friend birthday. Haven’t seen him since morning , just saw him now. My platoon member is also having his birthday party today and of which everyone is invited. It was cool because my platoon commander was not missing in action. We all danced , drank (not alcohol for me)and ate. It was fun. And definitely my friends birthday party was not left out. It was a combination of two parties. I had fun I must confess

I have to go to bed now. So tired. I pray I wake up in time for parade and I don’t even have what to wear because I didn’t collect my clothes from the dry-cleaning guy.