Hi , you know how it feels to start counting down to the end of an event. that’s how i feel now. Anyway woke up reluctantly. Went for normal morning drills but today everyone is to jog ,it was fun sha because this time I really was involved. After that everything went on fine .
We all had to wait for parade practice. I was looking so dirty and didn’t like it. But I had no choice. i tried to hide from my crush but wasn’t so invisible

Immediately after the drills , I went to take my bath and wash my clothes myself. Then also had breakfast. Went for the skill acquisition classes. We were divided into groups and I was chosen as the leader. I couldn’t refuse it. Well , I had to show responsibility. The practical session was ok sha. But boring. Immediately after I escaped to mammi with my friends to stay and get rid of boring lectures and funny enough we were not disturbed. i finished a whole season of the NIKKITA serie i started. Even some soldiers were at mammy and they saw us but left us.

Later in the afternoon , went for parade practice under the hot sun which was not so nice. My platoon had football match of which we won. it was so glorious because my platoon commander was dancing and we joined him. We prayed and thanked God for the victory.

Had dinner. Chilled out a little. Today was my friends birthday. So I had a good time. my food tab was on him.