Wow. A fresh week. Feeling cool. Today I didn’t really go out for morning drills. Hungover from the previous nights sleep. Well woke up from my wonderful rest , took my bath , got breakfast.

Time for lectures again. Mtchew. I had no choice but to go before those soldiers start showing themselves. Well ironically I was chosen to be the group leader for practicals. It sounded cool tho. i gave my ATM card to someone to help me collect money because i was getting broke o.

The class was so crowded that some people were told to come tomorrow. After that lecture I went to mammi to stay and I had a good time with my friends. Watched some movies.

As gist got to me 5 phones were stolen in the boys hostel today. A snake was killed in the OBS office but the indigenes didn’t take it likely o.
Later on I had dinner , charged my phones and later on slept off

Yea I’m also counting down to this camp ending. I can’t wait o