Hello people. today is Sunday so definetly there is no morning drills and meditation. i had fetched my water the previous night so as to avoid stress of queuing early in the morning. And also i didn’t buy the idea of taking my bath outside the rooms.  I took my bath at the “provided bathroom” which was messy but i had no choice.

This morning everyone had to contribute money so that someone would wash and clean the bathrooms and toilets.  i and my friends got ready for church but unfortunately we couldn’t locate winners church. it was so annoying.  we had to settle for nccf (angry). they closed late sef.

After church , we went straight to mammy to have breakfast/ lunch. i was so famished and trust our”OGECHI” . our number one spot in mammy.

i and my friends hung out there for a while till we all started leaving one by one due to boredom and sleep. i retired to my room to sleep. it was needed.  today i realized that i had reactions on my hands and i started feeling sick .

went straight to the sick bay where i was attended to by one doctor (the cute one). he prescribed drugs for me to buy because government dint provide enough drugs. i went to sleep .

Woke up later feeling better. gave my clothes to the washer-man to do justice to it.

Today there was volley ball practice but i wasn’t even interested in all those other things , i just wanted to flex and be free.





The day just finished. hung out with my friend. yea least i forget i hung out with one of my friends.