Hey you. Woke up on the bright side today. Today seems cool though. Went for morning drills and meditation , we didn’t do much. We had something called know yourself in which I had to come out and introduce myself and tell everyone what I like , marital status ,and for the guys bank status. It was fun sha. At least I knew some people better.i got closer to  my platoon leader .


Today we were given an extra hour break for wash up and breakfast. I had breakfast ,slept a little. When the beagle was blown I didn’t go out because I was feeling tired. The soldiers came around to check for those stabbing and they were caught but luckily I wasn’t seen. So to upcoming corpers don’t try those soldiers o , it can be dangerous

Since today is saturday , there was environmental and platoon meeting sha. Till monday morning before I get to the parade ground. So happpy.

Well I had to stroll to the outskirts of camp to look for good network so I could download latest songs and videos to listen to. Thank God I wasn’t caught. Don’t try leaving camp o.A very big risk.
One of my friends dotun finally got redeployed due to the fact that she is married. It was a mushy tingy tho. I and my other friends escorted her , we took pictures and said Goodbye.

I had a share of bad luck , one of the commanders caught me wearing slippers. I was told to remove it and walk barefooted back to the hostel. You should have seen me begging. It was not funny o. The rule was that we shouldn’t wear slippers. I thought I could outrun that. At the end the commander released me and pardoned me.

Had dinner and also back to my nikkita series. This night is just there jor. Nothing much happening. But I stayed out till the beagle for lights out was sounded. Have to sleep early so that I can make church tomorrow