Hello dear , I know you can’t wait for this episode. Well I woke up early today , went for the usual meditation and drills. After that every platoon went for jogging round. It was fun. We chanted songs , walked for a while , took pictures.

After that , we were dismissed and allowed to go for breakfast. I had yam+egg sauce definitely from mammi shabvcfd

the lectures for today was so boring that I had a short nap. After the lectures there was enough time due to the fact that Muslims were going to the mosque and lectures finished a little early. I had a nice lunch , and afterwards had a wonderful sleep.

I woke up when I saw people rushing out and then realized that our bicycle allowance is being shared(yay!!!!) so I quickly got to the queue, collected mine and also payed for my pictures that were outstanding.


Later in the evening different activities were going on like platoon practice and games. I tried looking for network to download some videos but to no avail I didn’t find.

I tried to fix my nails at mammy but the soldiers were going round chasing everyone to the parade ground

Had dinner, watched nikitta , and retired to my bed with a cup of ice cream