Hey people. Hope you have been enjoying this exclusive series on this blog.

Woke up today with a good feeling. Quickly went to the parade ground for early morning meditation and drills. For today my platoon went for jogging for a reasonable distance . It was refreshing because its been a while since I did that. It was also okay because finally i could access 3G network on my phone. so i used the opportunity to download some new songs.bgtyu

After morning drills I left to my room to have morning shower and clean-up.
Finally I washed myself today. Since I came I haven’t washed my clothes due to the fact I would have to watch over the clothes myself. So I decided to kill the bird with two stones by giving the guys that wash to do that for me. When I realised that I was going broke I had to be smart about it. Which led me to wash myself.

Then I had breakfast at maami as usual. The beagle was sounded for skill acquisition time and of which we were divided into separate classes. I decided to join the ict group of which it was crowded and boring. I left at the end , returned the chair I borrowed and back to my room to sleep. But my sleep was short-lived because time for afternoon parade came up but this time around the sun was extremely hot so I had to escape back to my room , took my bath ,and felt fresher.
Later in the evening I went to mAami for dinner. Watched NIKkITA serie up to 10 episodes before I retired back to my room. Not to forget the ice cream here is so cool, that you could finish your money on it before you realize it.