Hey you. Woke up feeling tired and was extremely reluctant to stand up when the beagle was blown for morning drills. Unfortunately I had to go because attendance was being taken. I couldn’t find my other clothes so I decided to just wear what I wore last nite having in mind that I would get back to the room early enough.

Today my platoon took the meditation which was written by me on responsibility. Felt good. After the morning meditation and drills I couldn’t return to the room because one of the commandants stopped me and others irrespective of the excuse given. I tried different means ans was almost caught.

Finally , I found a back passage to the hostel. So I left quickly before being caught. Imagine what desperation leads to. To upcoming corpers , please do not be caught o .

When I got back to the room there was no water because the kitchen people locked it up probably. Was not happy bout it. Before I could say jack peter , I heard a loud bang. I ran out only to see an accident just occurred. God saved lives today o. It won’t have been funny o. The truck that supplies water lost brake and reversed on its own. Fortunately people there immediately ran away and death was averted. You needed to see how the women were thanking and praising God.

IMG-20121122-00351 IMG-20121122-00349 IMG-20121122-00348 IMG-20121122-00347

For the first time I went to collect camp breakfast. Which was bread. Not that bad.
I didn’t come out for lectures which was presentation of certificates. I heard it was boring. I was trying to prepare for the carnival which is holding later in the afternoon.


I went to collect my customized platoon shirt from my platoon leader. Went back to change to my top +my jeans+ my black plimsolls. Took pictures with my friends. It was ok as all platoons presented something and danced round. It was a good experience.



Later after the whole ish I went to mammi to have dinner. Later on went for the airtel variety night which consisted of various pageants like miss NYSC , miss pretty face and mr macho contest.

It was ok. We finished by 12midnight. I have to get to bed. Doubt if I would be able to go for parade tomorrow morning