Hello dear , woke up this morning feeling better but the effect of the rain here ,hmmm is so tempting to go back to bed but I dare not if I don’t want to invoke a soldiers wrought.

Moved to the parade ground on my white attire ,according to platoons. then the morning prayer was said. after that the state coordinator came around to see and hear from us. Due to my height I couldn’t hear much that was said.

After the whole speech giving, all the platoons started their drills. Platoon 10 were kitted up in their khakis for the man o war drills.

We practiced and tried to perfect our matching skills and the final people were selected but thank God I wasn’t chosen because I was just not into it.

A guy was caught and called out because he was on weed the previous night. He served terrible punishment.

We were released to go for breakfast. I quickly rushed to take my bath. Kacked up in my hot white and went for breakfast.

Had HIV /AIDS lecture , it wasn’t that bad. Hung out with my friends and it was fun. After the lecture the rains came visiting and this time it came in full force.

Most activities were paralyzed. Football match between platoon and platoon held.
Volley ball competition also held between platoon 9 and 10 with 10 coming the winner.

Mammi was full and at the same time it was dry sha.

Right now I am so tired. Have to get ready for tomorrow by going to sleep because I heard my platoon is having man o war ish. Also I’m having nasal congestions which may be due to my ajebotaish nature.

Word of advice : this is mostly for the ladies be careful of these camp officials. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Especially all those soldiers waiting to take advantage of ladies mostly the naive ones. So don’t listen to them and avoid their whala

See you in the next season. Goodnight.