Hey people, today is Sunday . the first Sunday i  am spending in camp. i woke up early enough but at first didn’t feel like going to church . i braced up and decided to go. my friends were not ready early enough. also my top got torn so i had to look for something else to wear. to me it was like a sign not to leave but i just pushed that aside.

finally i and my friends were ready to leave for church , unfortunately we didn’t even know the location of the church. i would say we left aimlessly . there were different fellowships going on . There was  Deeper life, Redeemed  Winners , Anglican , Christ embassy ,Catholic e.t.c

we actually wanted redeemed but didn’t find it so we went to winners and by the time we got there service was over. too bad. we took communion and registered there. so i would say we just passed by church today. then we wen back to the hostel and straight up to mammi for breakfast.

i wore my short hot shorts today , this time around not white but a black one. felt good to wear something apart from the usual whites we wear. today is a free day for all .Different people had time to themselves.


Football match was held today but i didn’t go . then i went to meet my friends , had dinner , charged my phone and when it was 10pm , the beagle was blown and i went back to my room.


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