Hey people , this is lady E reporting.
Today is Saturday , everyone woke up early except from me cos I was tired and feeling sickly ,I guess its the ajebota spirit in me that could not stand this camp hustling sha. actually today doesn’t look like a Saturday to me . it seems everyday in camp is just the same.

Anyways I just carefully slept back on my bed and fortunately for me I was not caught. So advice is do not try it o because there are some camp soldiers that won’t take that.


I woke up at my own time , took my bath and dressed up for breakfast. Went to eat , took some prescriptions and left.

As a normal Saturday routine, many people washed their clothes and did cleaning up . As for me , i gave mine to the laundry guys around to do that for me  especially because of they will keep their eyes on the clothes .

I guess I didn’t mention that I plan to redeploy back to my base. I sorted out that part , wrote application and submitted. So if you want to do that do it on time as you get to camp.

Unfortunately I served punishment for getting to the parade ground late(squatting). My platoon leader gave me permission to go cos of the way I was feeling tho. Smiling and happy I went back to my bed. One of the female soldiers came to my room to check for people who are dodging and stabbing parade. I wasn’t seen.


The afternoon was little boring, no light and most of my friends were no where to be found . unfortunately network here is poor that i had to escape out of camp to download new stuffs. lame sha.

Later in the evening I and my friends went to hang out and chill at our favorite spot at mammi. At about 9:50 pm , we were told to vacate the place for lights out.