Today , is the main day. we were all to be sworn -in and have induction ceremony. yay!!!

We were told to put on our full nysc kits .Thankfully , i adjusted mine which wasn’t my size early enough. In fact that morning , Tailors were still amending clothes and things like that .Everywhere was busy. Today i took my bath early to avoid embarrassment and also to avoid the risk of not getting water.

I must confess , i was excited about the whole ish. The program was slated for 10 am and we were to be on parade ground 10 minutes before tome. I quickly had breakfast to avoid hunger slap and unnecessary buying of junks.

When i was fully ready , i and my friends and new friends made took pictures and you know how girls can waste time on this. It was necessary o.


Everyone was at the parade ground , waiting for the commencement of the ceremony. We were delayed because the Govenor had not yet shown up . It was so annoying to be Under hot sun .


GOVERNORFinally an hour or two later ,  his representative came around an the program commenced. I actually didn’t listen to all their stories. i was at the back with my friends and her other friends. So i can say i wasn’t that bored .Hunger set in but was quenched by people selling things around.

Finally 3 hours later the program ended.

We were given time to cool off for the day but was told to resume on the parade ground the next morning. people who came today were given time to finish up their registration and documentation.

Mammy was full today. i met some new friends here and i can say it was okay. I have to stop here my battery is going off. Goodnight




  1. Really nice writeup…feeling so excited abt camp already…. How true is it that it is better to resume on the second day?