wow , today is the first day apart from yesterday hustling and bustling of registration. The beagle was sounded at 5 am. You can trust some over-sabi and over -know all people who started taking their bath from 2 am and in fact were waiting for the beagle self. smh.
As for me , i decided not to be bothered about all that . I went to a boarding school and also the bathrooms , spaces outside would be full so what was the point of me rushing . I just had my mouth washed , washed my face and dressed up for morning drills and meditations.
It wasn’t that bad. Today we were not yet according to platoons so i just took a good spot.

Meditations were held and drills started.Some people were still resuming camp and i was actually envying them
We were taught the nysc anthem in preparation for Tomorrow. In fact our state coordinator came around .
After morning sessions, we were allowed time to take our bath , and have breakfast .I quickly took my bath in one of the bathrooms that was clean before it gets messed up again. Moved on to mammy , had a good meal of indomie and rested a little before it was time for another session of drills on the parade ground.
We practiced important parade parts for tomorrows event like 3 happy cheers to the governor which is the part you raise your caps and salute etc.
People were still resuming at camp , so registration was in full progress. I couldn’t find some of my friends .
Later in the afternoon , i discovered that the camp officials didn’t disturb them because they were still putting on colored clothes in disguise of people who ere just resuming. So not to be the dull one , i also changed and joined her. (Dont be like that.)
While the others went for evening session , we were just around mammy and meeting other people.
To while away time , i went to paint my nails. But those people self can t do anything well .
I met this guy- Kayode and his friends. Kept me company and he disappeared. The long and short of the whole gist was that i escaped drills but i couldn’t do it again . Tomorrow is induction and swearing in ceremony to be a proper Otondo for 3 weeks .

I also had to fetch water down in case it finishes before i get there. Goodnight