Yaaaay it’s a Sunday!!!My First  Sunday.
There’s just this vibe that comes with sundays and it’s just a day to feel so good when you feel so free and less stressed out till it gets to evening anyways.
So as usual, waking up by 2am continues, have my bath and I’m off to bed again. The good part about today is that i can get enough sleep.

I wouldn’t be going to church (God please forgive me) but imma do my personal time for God. Then there’s laundry to do also. People around me getting ready for church, all looking good and nice i must say.
I don’t even have anything to wear cos the only mofty i have is what i wore on my way to this environment. I had a good number of sleep hours and then i woke up to do some laundry.
After considering the buckets of water I’ll fetch and the stress i might have to go through, i changed my mind and gave the laundry to a help of which the price was quite considerable.
So I said to myself, I’m gonna read a book today but first, my stomach was singing and i needed to deal with that. So off i am to grab something to eat in a very happy and enlightened mood………..
I really don’t know if it’s just me it happens to but sometimes girls go through the harassment of having to listen to guys call us as if they’re referring to dogs!
Anyways on my way with a friend of mine, that’s the kinda sound we heard but obviously we decided to ignore thinking if was one or a group of those niggas unto us.
After taking more steps forward, a lady approached us saying some officials were calling us.
We were surprised but we still went back to meet them and then in their own manner of punishment, we were told to go back to the beginning point where they started calling us from.
It still seemed like a joke so we just did it willingly till we got back and then we were accused of not responding to their calls. I’m like obviously “pssssss” or “heisssssss” is not my name so why would i respond.
At least if a better word like “excuse me” or “corper” was said, that would have been another case.
They turned out to be man-o-war officials taking some fresh breeze. We weren’t even given a chance to say why we ignored and i believe we were mentally harassed!!!!!
After asking for our names and names of institutions, the next thing we heard was “yoruba people are always proud” and “private school students are always feeling big cos their parents are rich and they believe they have all the money”!!!! Ahahn…. And I’m like kilode…
What led to all that na??!!! Hian oooooo I sha kept quite… And when they were done with all their razzmatazz talk, they said we could go.
No single reason for calling us in the first place…. Mschewww!!!!
Me i sha went to look for my own food jeje… Lemme eat and forget about the jungle i was in.
Finally got something to eat and headed back to my shelter. Then it was time for some kain registration again (#sigh it really gets tiring) and then our bicycle allowance was being distributed so that had to be joining another queue.
Unfortunately, we were on mofty and just when it was time for our turn, we were told to go change to our uniform which means another lining up when we get back.
Good gracious the queue wasn’t so bad and as nigresses were getting broke, i was happy to get it even if it was so little.
Social night was to have started the night before but rain disrupted it so it began this night.
Wasn’t really interested in the social night as it didn’t seem so fun but i had real fun with my ladiesss….
Enough suya eating and drinking. I really hope it marks the beginning of my fun. End of another day… Till tomorrow by God’s grace. Amen!

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