As expected, we all had to wake up as early as 4am to have our baths and prepare cos rumor had it we were to be out by 4:30am…we didn’t even know what to put on as quite a number of us hadn’t done our registration.
Gosh cant believe its another day in this camp ….

But we decided to be on the safe side and out on our white shirt and shorts. Most of us weren’t even ready when the soldiers barged in to send us out.
It was really funny seeing some people half dressed while others weren’t even ready at all. We all gathered at the meditation ground(that’s where we have meetings every morning or anytime there’s an announcement).
There we had 2 categories; the white fowls(as corpers are fondly called) and those who hadn’t been registered and were on mofty.
All officials were introduced to us and we were made to learn the NYSC anthem(it was fun Learning that part though).
After that we were taught the different trumpet sounds for different activities but to be honest i was only interested in the trumpet sound for allawee(loooool) and then there’s one that translates “na you say you wan come, no be me say make you come” which says it was your choice to come and not theirs and so you have to abide by their rules regardless. Anyways, that didn’t matter to us all as we were still all gonna do all that we wanted to.
We all had to head straight to the parade ground except those who hadn’t done their registration of which I was a part so I had to find my square root.
And that was the beginning of a very painful and stressful journey. It was as if almost everyone hadn’t done their registration so the queue everywhere was pretty terrible. Some had gotten numbers the previous day while some had to get numbers that same day.
Finally it got to my turn and i was able to do my registration and then proceeded to get my kit.
On a normal day, getting the kit would have been something to be excited about… At least I finally get my corper uniform, but with the whole queuing up and then finally getting the kit only to realize everything was excessively large, the specifications chosen weren’t followed just killed every form of joy within.
And then to amend the kit, tailors were asking for a very ridiculous amount!!! At first 1k5 and then 1k7 to just amend and not sew…. Shuooooo I blatantly refused to do such.
I’ll rather just wear it that way and give it a proper amendment when I find it at a reasonable price.
Then the evening parade came, Time to practice for induction the next day. It was a kinda boring practice but it’s just something we had to do.
With tired legs and weary eyes, we all proceeded to the parade ground, had about an hour of practice and then we all retired to our various hostels.
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